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Have some salt ready for this one, but rumors have surfaced that the title of the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII could be Tale Of The Jedi Temple.

The evidence isn't entirely convincing, however Reddit has uncovered a mysterious picture which appears to show a new Star Wars title. No one is entirely sure of the context of the image, but some have suggested it could be promotional material designed for a big reveal on Star Wars Day on May 4th. Check out the image below:

Of course, what is equally likely is that this is some kind of fan-made hoax, although the title does make some sense. The end of Episode VII shows Rey and Luke meeting at the apparent location of an ancient Jedi temple, while the Episode VIII announcement video also suggests the action will immediately pick up from this point and location.

However, like I said at the top, until we hear anything official, generously season this rumor with a lot of salt.

What do you think of the title: Tale of the Jedi Temple?

Source: Reddit


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