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Serial killers are the complete antithesis of the meaning of 'nice.' After all, these depraved and mentally unstable human beings are the least likely to be associated with acts of kindness or goodwill.

That's why it's very surprising to find that delving into the history of a rampant serial killer, it is not that unusual to find incidents where they have actually been model members of our society. Here are five instances of serial killers being quite nice people:

1. Ted Bundy

Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy managed to kill around thirty women all the way across America before he was finally sent to the electric chair in 1989. Yet, in the early 1970s, back when he was lending a ear to people calling into a suicide hotline, he also reportedly saved a toddler from drowning.

Considering he had absolutely no regard for human life later in his life, this is rather surprising.

2. John Wayne Gacy

Today, John Wayne Gacy is known for murdering thirty-three people. Yet before this, he was a model member of society, owning a successful construction company, hosting wild gatherings, attending fundraisers and children's parties. In 1975, he was even appointed director of Chicago's Polish Constitution Day Parade, during which he even met President Jimmy Carter's wife Rosalynn Carter -- here they are pictured together above.

3. Richard Ramirez

If you thought that nobody would ever want to marry a serial killer, think again. Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, terrorized LA and San Francisco in the 80s, butchering random residents whenever he felt like it. Whilst in jail though, he spoke to numerous women and ended up marrying Doreen Lioy, with whom he remained for seventeen years.

4. H. H. Holmes

Despite running what was essentially a murder hotel in the center of Chicago in the second half of the 19th century, H. H. Holmes was actually a respected doctor who provided excellent services to his patients. Unfortunately, none of them knew that he had a torture dungeon in his basement.

5. Richard Angelo

By the time he was convicted of killing several of his patients, Richard Angelo had firmly established himself as the 'Angel of Death.' To all, this came as a huge surprise as he was a very well respected nurse, a volunteer fire fighter and even an Eagle Scout. He ended up murdering at least twenty five people.

Can serial killers be nice too?


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