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Netflix is the market leader and irrespective of the viewers attracted on average per episode, it is well ahead of its competitors in the market.

Netflix Inc. entered the streaming industry with a proper plan to rule over the market. Irrespective of the competition it faces from its rivals in the market, the company will always have the last laugh. It is confident that its success rate along with the content production will be superior and will surpass the traditional TV networks as well as the movie studios. As the days are passing by, analysts and experts are more convinced that it has the ability to do any and everything.

Netflix vs. network TV is a campaign spearheaded by NBC to not only tarnish but undermine Netflix as well. This has reinforced opinions of several analysts including Gene Hoffman of Tech Crunch. Recently, NBC research analyst Alan Wurtzel leaked data of one of Netflix’s original shows, Jessica Jones, which is also the most watched on the streaming platform. According to the data, popular show averages to only 4.8 million viewers per episode.

This is a good figure but not sufficient if compared to the most watched series of Fox, CBS, or AMC. Alan Wurtzel added that Big Bang Theory of CBS has average 8.3 million viewers per episode whereas Fox’s Empire had nearly 9 million viewers per episode.

The only purpose that could be derived from doing such a thing i.e. leaking data is to expose the loopholes or the weakness in the streaming giant’s business model. According to one BGR article, “NBC is delusional about Netflix and the future of TV.”

It is true because average viewers per episode do not show how successful a business is. On ‘apples to apples’ basis, it is very much clear that Netflix is single handedly dominating the TV industry. In its short span in the industry so far, it has sidelined every domestic and international traditional and internet TV business so far. Furthermore, the streaming service provider is outperforming the traditional TV networks.

The data leaked by Alan Wurtzel might be correct but it is misleading as Netflix only has 42 million US subscribers on board at this moment whereas US TV networks including ABC, AMC, CBS, Fox, and NBC reach nearly 116 million US households. If these numbers are to be considered then Netflix averages better than other TV networks as Jessica Jones is attracting nearly 11.4% of its total subscribers for one episode. On the other hand, the big name shows such as Big Bang Theory is reaching 7.2% subscribers of its total audience. This clearly indicates that Netflix is a ratings winner.

The company is on a rampage to produce big hit movies and TV shows. Reportedly, it can leverage big data that is helpful to them to know what to work on. Netflix always boasts to keep customers ahead of its own preferences. For a very long time, the firm is closely analyzing the data with respect to customer preferences, which does not only include what the subscribers are watching but what they search for as well. The streaming platform has broken down its content into 80,000 genres and sub genres.

To be fair, no premium cable, channel, or TV network can compete against Netflix or its ratings in the near future.


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