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You are playing an Ouija board with six friends when one spells out "5 must die, 1 must live, I am here".

A wraith wrapped in a cloak of smoke descends. It sucks the heart from your friend's chest like a gobstopper and plops it on a plate. The five erupt in screams and tumble into the adjoining rooms. Suddenly you all realise the demon is movement-sensitive, almost blind and deaf, and freeze.

This is where the gory short movie "Don't Move" by Bloody Cuts begins. An apartment still set with the beers of the evening but splashed with strings of blood.

The group must figure out how to evade the prowling demon. As the night wears on the instinct to survive becomes more important than friendships.

Watch the terrifying 13-minute film:

What's your favourite horror short?

Source: Bloody Cuts


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