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A good film festival run can become a pivotal moment for any movie release, especially one as high profile as Sundance. So it's perhaps no surprise that the black-and-white festival favorite The Eyes Of My Mother will now be getting a worldwide release.

The cast and director Pesce
The cast and director Pesce

The directorial debut from 26-year-old Nicolas Pesce, who also wrote the screenplay, finds its emotional resonance around the concepts of grief and loneliness. Kika Magalhaes plays the leading character (Francisca) in this eerie tale.

Following the film's screening at the Sundance Film Festival, IndieWire said that Pesce "takes on that task to create a wondrous tapestry of emotional disorientation." The movie currently has a solid 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Distinctly Dark

Magalhaes in the leading role
Magalhaes in the leading role

The film's distribution rights have been picked up by Magnet Releasing, which has yet to announce a full release date for the film.

Check out the synopsis below:

"Francisca, a young woman who has been unfazed by death from an early age. Francisca’ mother, a former surgeon, imbued her with a thorough understanding of the human anatomy.
"When tragedy shatters the family’s idyllic life in the countryside, Francisca’s deep trauma gradually awakens some unique curiosities. As she grows up, her desire to connect with the world around her takes a distinctly dark form."

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