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In some ways, constructing a short horror film that is genuinely frightening can be a difficult challenge; with little time to construct a relevant back story, tension must build almost immediately, with the payoff soon after.

The Dark Corners Horror Anthology is a project that manages to meet this challenge, and more so. Each of the short movies are written and directed by Lindsay Seim, Robert Michael Ryan, and Cuyle Carvin and each of them pack an unnerving punch.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

The latest offering from the group is Bloody Mary, a brief story that focuses on the urban legend that claims if you say the titular phrase three times, a spirit will appear, causing all sorts of bloody mayhem.

You can watch the freaky clip below, and certainly check out some of their other stuff on their Facebook page. (A personal favorite is Pest Control.)

Have you ever been brave enough to usher bloody Mary in the mirror?

Source: Dread Central


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