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Netflix Inc. had great plans for its customer in 2016; not only is it working to provide its customer with better shows, movies and content but also content with a better resolution along with a variety of new features. The video streaming media giant has made too much of an investment to produce exclusive content for its subscribers so it was about time that it focused on its content resolution as well.

The customers of the streaming media giant had hoped that the company will be working on the 4K technology by instead Netflix decided to directly aim at High Dynamic Range –HDR technology. In January 2016, the media organization had announced its plans of showing some of its content in HDR technology which provides the users with an immerse experience in comparison to the 4K technology. This would ultimately show the users how invested the company is in providing its customers with the best quality as well as quantity.

Netflix Inc. is not the only company that had provided content to users in HDR quality, Amazon Prime, the streaming media company’s largest biggest competitor, launched one of its movies in HDR last summer by the name of “Mozart in the Jungle”. This does not make anything better for the media giant as someone in the market has already provided the people with this technology but then again Netflix is Netflix.

Additionally, another thing that the customers are looking forward to is the release of the second season of Marvel’s Daredevil however it has to be noted that it is still not for sure that the company will launch the show in HDR quality of March 18. The video streaming company has however stated that it will be made available in HDR eventually. Furthermore, the upcoming releases are not the only ones that will be released in HDR quality but a number of old movies and shows will also be reformatted to the HDR resolution.

Furthermore, second screen function has also been introduced by the giant which allows a user to view a movie or show on their tablet or laptops while using additional information on their devices. This means that a viewer will be able to watch a show and access information regarding it as the same time (simultaneously). The first few lucky people to get this feature will be the android users and chromecast users while the IOS and gaming console users will eventually get the feature too but a little later than the android users.

Netflix stock is being traded in the market at a share price of $94.79 at an increase of $0.28 with a market capitalization of $40.69 billion.


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