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It looks like Dice will be ditching the modern Battlefield and heading back to the trenches!

According to a recent leak from a Swiss retailer - the events that unfold within Battlefield 5 will all take place during the Great War. They also revealed that the game will release on October 26, 2016. Double whammy - release date and era spoilers!

Yes, it would appear that yet again a games retailer has jumped the gun and ruined the surprise for everyone. In a recent listing on Swiss retailer site World of Games, a new Battlefield 5 game description caught people's attention. The listing read "Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1 Weltkrieg" - or in English - "Multiplayer tactical shooter in World War 1".

The listing was soon taken down and amended, but the damage was already done. The internet is like the elephant of the technology world - it never forgets.

A WW1 Shooter?

Of course, this is still all rumour and speculation at this point. Personally, I can't see this being true. Translating the Battlefield model over to a slow end to end type of warfare just seems far too impractical. Battlefield is famous for incorporating the many different aspects of a battle and bringing them all together in one large-scale, epic brawl.

Your average multiplayer map in Battlefield features fast jets roaring across the skies, attack helicopters looming over their prey, tanks sweep across the landscape in devastating waves - whilst at the same time infantry soldiers are slogging it out on foot - and that's not even the half of it!

Take all this back to WWI and it just does not work. The tanks are about as mobile as a segway in a stairwell, the planes are as aerodynamic as my laptop and the battlefields are as dull as my uncle Dullard.

With Call of Duty skipping off into the distant future and games like Battalion 1944 taking care of the World War 2 era, Battlefield is left with the modern era of warfare - which is in my opinion - is the best niche area.

Time and time again we see player's feedback going unheeded, the gameplay presented in futuristic titles causes players to be too detached from the game. From my experience in this industry - players prefer to play in real world locations executing real world objectives, whilst maintaining and upgrading real world weaponry. Got an opinion on this? I'd love to hear it.

Possible explanation

What we were promised last year from EA CEO Andrew Wilson was a new "Battlefield experience" that would drop in time for the holidays in 2016. This listed game could very well be a spin off type deal, like Battlefield Bad Company.

Dice may be treading water with a Great War spin off via the medium of Bad Company (or title name tbc) whilst the Battlefield team are regrouping after the Star Wars Battlefront push.

This, in effect, means that we still may be getting a World War 1 experience but it will not be in the shape of Battlefield 5 - this could be the potential mistake of World of Games. You know what they say - assumption makes an ass-of-u-and-me.

What do you want to see from Battlefield 5? World War, futuristic war or realistic modern warfare?


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