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Is there anything Adele can't do? As well as being an all round, down-to-Earth gem of an A-lister with record sales in the multimillions, it turns out the singer is now also a matchmaker.

At a recent show in Belfast as part of her world tour, the 27-year-old pulled up a lucky female fan on to her raised podium, with the intent of making them propose to their partner, while threatening to "boot" anyone off stage who wasn't genuine.

Make You Feel My Love

This wasn't just a random urge to play Cupid; it's tradition for women to propose on a leap year, and with the performance landing on February 29th, Adele didn't want any of her smitten fans to miss out on lifetime commitment.

Yes, Bruv

Asking the crowd if anyone would like her assistance in proposing, she eventually enticed a fan on stage who admitted she had proposed earlier in the day, but didn't receive a concrete answer. Adele then addressed the uncertain other half, Neil, with a Cockney colloquialism:

"You have to say a proper yes, Bruv"

The crowd then bellowed Neil's name, until he was presumably red in the face and had no option but to say yes. This delighted the pop star, who even declared that she'd attend the (semi-forced) wedding.

See the full clip below (around the 2:40 mark):

Well done Adele! Maybe she could be the future Godmother?

Would you marry someone if Adele told you to?

Source: BuzzFeed


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