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[Update] 04/29/16

Hot Rumor: Pokémon Sun and Moon Legendaries

Another Pokémon Sun and Moon reveal comes and goes without giving us any real info, as April's big CoroCoro Comic reveal ended up showing us only some blank box art of the upcoming games, and a message saying that the new content would actually be unveiled in May. Great, thanks for that guys.

No one to take this slander lying down, YouTuber TyranitarTube took a shot at cracking the mystery of the blank box covers. But he quickly discovered that there's no secret message hiding on the boxes, no matter how much Photoshop you apply to them.

But he does point out there must be a reason for this, otherwise why bother teasing the box art reveal to such an extent? Given that the Pokémon games have traditionally featured legendaries on the box art, it's fair to assume that Sun and Moon will do the same here — so it's pretty likely that the reason CoroCoro has been so sly about the box art reveal is because it's a big one; likely legendary Pokémon which we've seen before in previous games.

TyranitarTube points out that a possible choice could be Pokémon Gold and Silver's Ho-Oh and Lugia; given that the two are held to be representations of legends concerning the skies (sun) and the sea (moon), respectively.

And now of course there is the potential for taking these legendaries a bit further with a Mega Evolved Ho-Oh and Lugia, which honestly would be pretty amazing to see.


Gathering at the Pokémon House Segment

Sad news Pokéfans, yesterday's Japanese variety show Gathering at the Pokémon House which was expected to showcase the first footage from the upcoming Pokémon games — aired yesterday (Sunday, April 3) and disappointed everyone with the lack of new information. You can watch part of the segment below via YouTuber MyGamingBoulevard:

Rather, the footage aired was the same as what we'd seen before — the announcement trailer from February's Nintendo Direct reveal. The show did feature representatives who were asked if they could share new details regarding Pokémon Sun and Moon, but in true Nintendo fashion they all kept pretty tight-lipped about the finer details.

Pokémon series producer and director Junichi Masuda did jokingly respond that we could expect to see more than 10 new Pokémon, which isn't really news given that the new games are set to be Gen VII and will likely introduce far more than 10 new catchable pocket monsters.

Hopefully we'll find out more when the April issue of CoroCoro Magazine hits newsstands with special information on April 15 in Japan.


April's CoroCoro Magazine

Image via
Image via

What we've seen of this month's issue of CoroCoro Magazine hasn't really had much to do with the recent Pokémon Sun and Moon announcement, but it seems that's about to change with some recent news via

The good news is that as of April, CoroCoro is expected to begin revealing the first bits and pieces of information regarding the upcoming games. What will we see first? Starters? Player characters? Legendaries!? What about the fabled release date?

The April issue is set to release April 15 in Japan, so watch this space for news!

New Fake Scans Circulating

A few days ago more supposed "leaked" scans hit the web via Twitter, seemingly featuring the three starter Pokémon (below) from Sun and Moon as well as a sneak peek at the covers, a legendary tease and a reveal of the playable characters from the Japanese upcoming games (above).

The three starter Pokémon looked pretty damn fuzzy, with a goat-like Grass type, a bear-like Fire type and a lizard-like Water type. Unfortunately, the scans did, in fact, turn out to be fake, so be aware of more scans of these type circulating in the run-up to official Nintendo announcements.


Pokémon Sun and Moon Pre-Orders Open!

It's been less than two weeks since the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon were officially announced, and pre-orders are already opening via live product listings from major online retailers.


Even though we don't have a release date you can now pre-order the next generation of Pokémon games, set to release 'Holiday 2016,' likely sometime around autumn/winter.

First Look At Gen VII Pokémon Magearna

The first trailer for the upcoming Pokémon XY & Z animated movie dropped online yesterday and brought with it our first proper look at the new mythical Pokémon Magearna — suspected to be the first Gen VII Pokémon and (fingers crossed) to appear in Sun and Moon.

It's a bit blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but you can see the mysterious mythical Magearna in action in the trailer — first when Team Rocket encounter the metal creature, again when its eyes shine in the smokescreen, and finally at the very end as it floats above Ash, looking pretty damn ominous.

The movie — entitled Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna — is set to release in Japan on July 16, 2016. Perhaps we'll learn more about the next generation Pokémon of Sun and Moon when it hits theaters this summer?


Fake Starter Pokémon Leaked

Over the past few days a supposed "leak" of the water-type starter Pokémon from Sun and Moon surfaced via 4chan from an anonymous source (in a thread which has now been deleted), along with another "leaked" scan from CoroCoro Magazine also featuring the same starter.

via 4chan
via 4chan

Naturally this got people pretty excited, especially given the convincing nature of the design, but the 4chan user who first posted the images came out to say that they were, in fact, fakes. Sorry guys, better luck next time.

New Mega Evolutions?

So with the new generation of Pokémon comes a slew of new Pokémon characters to capture, train and mega evolve. As Go Nintendo point out the logos for Pokémon Sun and Moon look to be based on the Pokémon Solrock (Sun) and Lunatone (Moon).

Both these characters are interesting in that not only are they the same type (Rock/Psychic) but neither of them evolve from or into any other kind of Pokémon.

So does this mean that we'll be getting a Mega Evolution (as pointed out in the comments) for Solrock and Lunatone? Will they form the centerpiece for our story, being somehow related to the Sun and Moon legendaries? It seems plausible.


The Nintendo Direct Announcement

via Nintendo
via Nintendo

When last week's Nintendo Direct video address was released, everyone expected one of two things: Either an announcement about the long awaited and much speculated upon Pokemon Z or a release date reveal about Niantic's Pokemon GO mobile game.

But what we got was something slightly different. What we got was the unveiling of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, a new generation of Pokémon games rather than the expected follow up to Pokémon X & Y.

via Nintendo
via Nintendo

The announcement was short and sweet, and as a result we — don't really know all that much about it. Let's recap what we got from the Nintendo Direct announcement:

Sun & Moon

Given the title of the upcoming games and the nature of the series itself, it's fair to assume that the legendaries featured in each game will be connected in some way to the sun and the moon.

I can't wait to see what wacky names the developers come up with this time around, perhaps we'll be seeing something along the lines of the fan-made game Pokémon Solar Light & Lunar Dark?

Generation VII Is Coming

Given that Sun & Moon will be an entirely new generation of games it's fair to assume that they will introduce even more new Pokémon and another region for trainers to explore. But perhaps the first Gen VII Pokémon has already been unveiled?

Last month a new mythical Pokemon Magearna was revealed via Coro Coro Magazine for 2016's Pokémon movie, so it seems likely that Magearna will appear in Sun & Moon also.

Magearna, via CoroCoro
Magearna, via CoroCoro

And as point out there's a brief shot in the teaser which appears to be a new bird-like Pokémon, perhaps modeled on a woodpecker — so I guess we're getting more birds? Move over, Pidgey.

Red/Blue/Yellow Compatibility

One of the more exciting aspects covered in the announcement was the fact that we'll finally be able to transfer Pokémon from the original games over into Sun & Moon using the Pokemon Bank app.

via Nintendo
via Nintendo

Don't whip out your Game Boy just yet though, this does only pertain to the digital download versions of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow released on the Nintendo eStore as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations.


Another interesting shot from the teaser revealed concept art of various types of vehicles, from pickup trucks to ambulances. While bikes have been an incredibly useful staple of the games since way back in Pokémon Red and Blue and roller skates were introduced in Pokemon X and Y, we've never been able to commandeer vehicles before.

via Nintendo
via Nintendo

Sure, they've been in the games as useable items — most notably the Lumiose City taxi system in Pokémon X & Y — but we've not been able to drive our own cars around. This is still very speculative though, as it depends if the road maps and world design in Sun & Moon have been created with cars in mind, but the concept art does seem to suggest that they might be more than mere set pieces.


While Nintendo has confirmed that Sun & Moon will be released for the 3DS it's still unclear if it's also going to be available on the mysterious NX console that they've been cooking up.

*Unofficial* concept art of the NX
*Unofficial* concept art of the NX

The NX is theorized to be the next step and replacement of both the Wii U and the 3DS, leading to speculation that it will be both a home console and a portable one. But there's been no mention of it in relation to Pokémon Sun & Moon so it could be that we've been way off the mark. Until we find out more about the NX itself it's impossible to tell.

Wider Language Reach

A small, but no less pertinent side-note: 2016 marks the year when Pokémon becomes more accessible than ever. Yep, both Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will be available to play in nine languages, which is two more than the previous seven.

Traditional and Simplified Chinese join the roster alongside previously available languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. So if you've ever fancied brushing up on your Chinese, now is the time to do so.

Release Date

Nothing solid on this yet, the Nintendo Direct trailer just stated that Sun & Moon will be available 'Holiday 2016,' presumably in the latter half of the year in the run-up to the Christmas sales.

According to Nintendo's usual release date schedule, there's typically a gap of between five – nine months between announcement and release, which means the earliest we can expect Sun & Moon to land would be roundabout July/September 2016.

The last two games in the main series released in October 2013 (Pokémon X & Y) and November 2014 (Pokémon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby), so it seems fair to assume a release date around this time of year for Pokémon Sun & Moon also.

We'll update this page with more information as it becomes available, so watch this space!


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