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Marvel vs. DC. It is a longstanding fight for superiority between two beloved companies, both of which have created enthralling characters and stories through the medium of comics, movies and more recently, TV. Some of you will have a definitive answer on who they think is better and who is not, where as there are those of you who love both. But what about you? Who is your preference? The Dark Knight? The Man of Steel? The Merc with a Mouth? Or like me, do you simply appreciate each character individually, in their own right?

This year I took it upon myself to begin a project, one which focused on our beloved superheroes and concentrated on the upcoming movie scheduling rota over the next few years for both of these companies. Who are bringing these universes and characters to the silver screen. 2016 is a big start and is going to be a HUGE year for comics and comic lovers around the world and frankly, I couldn't be more excited.

In January via my small business, Creative Customs, I ran a promotion on a limited number of Deadpool themed Converse shoes, which sold out within a few days due to the extraordinary reception they received and I was kept busy working on a fantastic character I loved, which is a great feeling.

Deadpool Custom Converse have been re-stocked on my Etsy store and can be purchased at a discounted rate by heading here.

Deadpool Converse.
Deadpool Converse.

Now it's March and we have a HUGE film coming out on the 25th, one which millions of fans and fellow geeks alike have been waiting for, for many years. And to celebrate such a tremendously ambitious film, I decided the next project at Creative Customs HAD to be Batman v Superman. Due to success of the Deadpool customs I have also discounted them by £35/$50 as part of promotion. I ship my designs worldwide so you can purchase your very own unique pair wherever you are.

Batman v Superman Converse can be purchased on my Etsy store at a discounted rate using this link.

Due to the nature of my business I am only able to work on 20 orders per month and when they're gone they're gone. I have a fast turn around without compromising customer service or quality and each order is discussed prior to creating the design. I provide progress photos along the way so each customer can see how their shoes will turn out as I work on them. All shoes are painted with acrylic paints which do not crack or fade in the sunlight to ensure a long lasting design. I also add a protective waterproof layer to ensure you can wear your custom shoes in public, even in wet conditions.

If you have any questions regarding designs please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.

What do you think of these custom converse, would you wear them? Tag someone who would in the comments!


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