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It has been quite sometime since we have seen the Predator roam the silver screen. The iconic sci-fi series was last seen in 2010 with the film Predators; which I found to be a worthy sequel to the 1987 film. Since then, the franchise has been quiet with little word on a new film being created. Yet that changed in 2014 when Fox confirmed that a new Predator was in the works. The film will be helmed by Iron Man 3 director Shane Black; who also wrote the script with Fred Dekker. It has been sometime since anything has been heard about this new film, but fortunately that has changed in recent news. This past weekend the new movie received both a official title as well as a release date. Now titled The Predator, this new sequel will be hitting theaters in the March of 2018.

Hearing that the film is moving forward is indeed fortunate as it is good to know when we can expect the next installment in the Predator franchise. Yet while knowing when this movie is coming out is great, it would be comforting to know what will be in store for The Predator. Just by looking at this title, it is safe to say that this sequel will be going back to basis and feature only one Predator where as the previous film had several Yautjas. Seeing this sequel go back the series' roots would not be surprising as having familiar trends in The Predator could be seen as a comforting direction. However this film needs to have a sense of individuality. Given that this franchise has a simple,yet effective, concept having The Predator stand out from its predecessor could prove to be difficult. However, while this is just speculation, I think there is one way for The Predator to be different from previous installments in the Sci-fi series.

Since 1987, the whole concept of Predator has been an alien hunter tracking and killing worthy prey. While the details in the films have vary, the idea of unsuspected victims being hunted down by the Yautja has been the focal point in the entire film series. Yet what if the Predator became the prey? I think that an interesting direction for this new movie would be for the human characters trying to hunt the Predator. The movie could have a cast of characters who are task to hunt down the Predator only find out that they are still the alien warrior's quarry. This direction would be refreshing for a number of reasons. For starters it would be a compelling plot point to the see the film's characters actually knowing what they are up against before the hunt is on. Not only would this move be different for the film's plot, but it would also work to the advantage of the characters' direction; particularly the Predator. We rarely see a situation were the Predator is one that is hunted throughout the film. This direction may prove effective as we could see how this alien hunter acts in a scenario where he is the one being tracked. I feel that this move could be beneficial for this new film as it would it give The Predator a defining concept while keeping true to the ideas that have made this film series work for so many years.

While it will be great to see the Predator series again, I do think that a new direction is needed to make the 2018 installment worthwhile to see. This is not to say that The Predator needs to change the whole concept behind the series as the franchise's concept is usually effective; yet it would be great to see this sequel do something different from its predecessors. Whatever Shane Black and the studio have in store for this installment, I can only hope that The Predator does justice to this sci-fi series all the while bring something new to the iconic franchise.

The Predator hits heaters on March 2,2018.


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