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Recently, Fox announced two release dates for as-of-now untitled Marvel films, which are October 6, 2017 and January 12, 2018.

Given the proximity of these dates, I thought there would be only a handful of candidates to take that spot, since they would have to be films that have had some form of development in the past years.

So, with that in mind, here are the 4 films I think could take those two spots.

1. 'GAMBIT' for October 6, 2017

With an original release of October 7, 2016, losing its director right before filming cost 'Gambit' several months, with now production scheduled to start this month (March). So this is the only Fox/Marvel film I see taking that October 6, 2017 date, since it has been in pre-production for more than a year now and filming will start soon.

2. 'DEADPOOL 2' for January 12, 2018

With is unparalleled success with earnings and audiences, Deadpool, considering its relative anonymity among the general public and rating, is an obvious candidate to occupy that release date, given its almost a two-year difference from the first film, (which is a standard time between franchise installments), an announced new player in the form of Cable, its easiness to produce and the fact that a script is being written for it as you read this.

Now, its obvious 'Deadpool 2' will not be made with the same $50 million budget as its predecessor but if the writer's word is anything to go by, the franchise will try to maintain its grounded reality.

3. 'X-FORCE' for January 12, 2018

'X-Force' is a film that has been in the "will it won't get made" game for years due to its obscurity among general audiences. But since Deadpool's success, the filmmakers have taken it so seriously that they have openly talked about being now in active development. And given the seeming confirmation that everyone's (now) favorite Merc with a Mouth will be a part of this film, it's a clear an easy candidate to take the spot.

4. 'X-MEN: APOCALYPSE' SEQUEL for January 12, 2018

While its obvious that Fox will continue making X-Men movies way past '[X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267)', we've been so bombarded with the prospect of films based on different characters from the mutant library that we rarely think about what's next for the X-MEN (The team as a whole) in film.

Will there be a sequel to Apocalypse in the near future? Will the film continue the trend of jumping 10 years each installment? Will we finally get Mr. Sinister? Will it finally catch-up to present day and stop making the biggest X-Men villains appear before they actually become the X-Men and you realize that when they become adults they won't have anything left to fight?

What do you think of these candidates? Do you have a character or team in the X-Men universe that could reasonably take these release dates?


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