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'Supergirl' is a great, fun entry into the superhero genre these days - which is no surprise since it's from the same tree as my current favorite 'The Flash'.

What is interesting and exciting about this ep is the hints of things to come as well as callbacks to former iterations of the story. The callback is in the form of the gorgeous Laura Vandervoort, who played the teen Supergirl in 'Smallville'. Here she is all grown up, and she's getting her evil on as Indigo (aka Brainiac 8) descended from the line of Brainiacs who have a beef with Superman. She comes off visually as a poor man's Mystique, and would someone please send in a stylist to fix THAT HAIR! But her performance is sly and fun.

courtesy CBS
courtesy CBS

She introduces herself by taking over the screens at Catco and threatening to take over the infrastructure and internet to decimate National City. Her entree is to hack an Ashley Madison-esqe site and present the data to Catco. Cat Grant of course rejects the thumb drive with the data, and orders Siobhan (assistant 1) to destroy it. Does she? of course not!

Indigo doesn't take the rejection well, and to demonstrate her power she messes with all the traffic lights in Nat City and car crashes ensue. Supergirl flies out and does the obligatory 'save the car full of innocents from the nasty semi bearing down on them' thing, and the game is on!

Since Kara is on the outs with the DEO because of their involvement in the death of her aunt Astra, things get a little prickly and she tries to deal with the crisis on her own. Big mistake. Things don't go well, and she leans on Jimmy to help her. Add to all this that the DEO recruits Winn to find a way to combat Indigo's alien computer hacking and we have a hot mess.

Unable to find out much intel about Indigo, Jimmy suggests that they go to cousin Superman's Fortress of Solitude to learn more. This is a high point of the episode, with Kara and Jimmy exploring the cave and finding the pod that brought Superman to Earth. Another fun nugget is the discovery of a Legion Ring, which has been previously teased in The Flash, previewing the much anticipated Flash/Supergirl crossover which will be happening soon!

Jimmy's GF Lucy pores through the hack data and comes to the realization that Indigo's target is a certain General who just happens to have the codes to a nuke in a silo just outside of National City. Seems Indigo's endgame is pretty standard stuff-kill the human race- like we haven't seen THAT a thousand times! Geez!

Her ability to float through the internet with the greatest of ease is a problem - especially since she can materialize out of any computer screen or cell phone. Which she does, right out of the General's phone screen inside the nuclear silo. Now all she has to do is turn the keys and launch the nuke - but who do you think shows up? Three guesses.

courtesy CBS
courtesy CBS

A lively fight ensues, but alas, SG can't stop the launch. The scene that follows is what the show does best- putting Supergirl in a high stakes, life or death scenario. While she fights to redirect the nuke the DEO comes onboard to help. They give her the 'kill code' to disarm the ICBM, which she does (at the LAST SECOND of course), and the nuke lands harmlessly in the water outside the city.

SG flies back to silo to finish off Indigo, but the task is difficult. This is where Winn earns his supper - he implants a nasty virus he invented directly into Indigo! Which leads us to the line of the night, Winn calling Indigo "a glorified Windows Vista" SNAP! But before she disintegrates into a million bloody bytes, Indigo drops a bomb- that she is the one who saved SG's pod and directed her to Earth!

The B side of the ep is all about the messy relationships of the humans, which were frankly pretty boring to me. Lucy is jealous of the relationship between Kara and Jimmy, which prompts her to seemingly break up with Jimmy at the end of the ep (yawn). The other involves Siobhan and her sudden lustful interest in Winn, complete with sucking face and possibly some 'love in the elevator' (cue the Aerosmith!).

Not much Cat Grant in this one either, which for me is a bad thing - the snark is always appreciated.

The emotional payoff at the end is substantial. SG goes back to DEO, saying that even though they personally don't get along, they work well as a team, so she is wiling to forego her hatred and move forward. Alex is unable to hide the secret any longer, and she tearfully admits to killing Astra. Kara is stunned, but ultimately hugs Alex in a show of forgiveness. All is right in the DEO!

One more thing:

Just when you think Indigo is toast, we see the evil Non use a glowy ball thingy to re-integrate Indigo's body parts. We can only assume he will be piecing her back together for another go at our hero.


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