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These are 5 scenes from Disney movies that just makes every man or woman cry like a little baby. Scenes like Mufasa's death from The Lion King is not included or these list would be just the same as the other ones

1- Sulley says goodbye to Boo (Monsters Inc)

These scene is just heartbreaking. You see the big monster becoming friend with a little girl and sharing such a beautiful bond and it is so sad watching these scene and knowing that they will never see each other again... or is it?

2- Ellie's death (Up)

This scene it is not just sad but it his a very warm and lovely scene about love and friendship that is then followed by pain and sorrow wich makes a terrific emotional scene.

3- Bing Bong gets left behind (Inside Out)

This is probably one of the sadest, if not the sadest, scenes that was ever put together in the animated movies history. Seeing such an inocent, fun and lovable character disappear like that teach us that inocence is such a precious thing that should never disappear from our world.

4- Andy says goodbye to Woody (Toy Story 3)

After three movies this franchise can still teach us what friendship is all about even if it is with a toy.

5- Mcqueen helps The King (Cars)

The other scenes were all about goodbyes and sad tears. Well this scene is about kindness and for a sports fan like me it is things like this that make even the biggest man tear up. Its like Mcqueen says "Its just an empty cup".

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