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The Princess Bride is arguably one of the most beloved movies of all time. The characters, the story, acting, romance, humor; we wouldn’t change a thing. So when someone mentioned the possibility of a remake, fans naturally recoiled in horror. A remake of one of the greatest stories ever told? It’s a horrible idea!

But is it really? If the story could be retold by genuine fans of the original, and modern technology used for the special effects, is it truly the worst idea?

We sat down and hashed out our dream cast, and how we would slightly tweak the characters to tell the story in a new light, but keeping the true story at the heart of The Princess Bride.

First and foremost, The Princess Bride herself: Buttercup.

Originally portrayed by Robin Wright, she’s a proud, outspoken farm girl who loses her true love. When a prince chooses her for his bride, she agrees to marry him despite her lack of affection for him because she believes she will never be happy again either way. (Not that he would have given her a choice if she’d said no.)

Our choice: Emily Bett Rickards.

She’s certainly beautiful enough to catch the eye of farm boys and prince’s alike. She’s proven in her role as Felicity Smoak on the CW’s Arrow that she can play a strong outspoken woman to perfection. If her character were given a little more to do then watch the ROUS’s attacking her true love and then poking it with a stick, she could easily transform the character into a strong female, without having to make her an action hero.

Prince Humperdink

Chris Sarandon played this character as an arrogant, selfish, worm and we all love to hate him.

Our Choice: Fred Savage

Since he played The Grandson in the original, how fun would it be to see him return as the hated Prince? We know he can act, and fans of the original would be excited to see him playing such a different character.


Everything about Wallace Shawn, from his laugh to the faces he makes, and his voice, is iconic. He is one of those characters where you’d be a fool to try and find someone to imitate him. The insufferable Vizzini was too smart for his own good, and ultimately let his pride be his downfall.

Our Choice: Christoph Waltz

We’ve seen him play over confident and extremely intelligent villains several times. With his own distinct voice and style, we think he could re imagine this character to be terrifying and funny at the same time.

Inigo Montoya

Mandy Patinkin recounts that while filming, he channelled his own anger at having lost his real father to cancer into the character of Inigo Montoya. His fight and drive for revenge won the hearts of every fan, and we’ve never been more satisfied by the killing of a villain.

Our Choice: Rosario Dawson

Honestly, who doesn’t love a gender bend? There are only so many ways you can alter the character of Inigo without completely changing him. A simple solution would be to change the gender, and take the revenge plot from the female perspective. Rosario Dawson has proven she can stunt fight, and made one hell of a bad ass in Sin City. She could easily portray our spanyard friend in a new light.


Andre the Giant played the lovable, honorable dope in the original, and is arguably the hardest person to recast. His love for his character, and the family environment among the cast while filming, clearly showed in his portrayal of the gentle giant.

Our choice: The Rock

This would be a risky decision. Andre the Giant was extremely different from The Rock. While his is a very large man, and could certainly be cast as a giant, his typical roles are action heroes, and aren’t exactly in touch with their feelings. The role that makes us argue he’d be up for the task is his character from Be Cool. The Rock plays a simple minded bodyguard, who really just wants to be an actor. We believe giving this character a completely different style is the only way recasting the iconic character is going to be effective.

Count Rugen

Christopher Guest perfected yet another well portrayed villain. The torture loving sociopath was even more hated than Prince Humperdink, and one of the most famous death scenes of all time.

Our choice: Leonardo Dicaprio

Django Unchained proved to all of us what a fabulous villain Leo can make. Who wouldn’t want to see an epic battle between him and Rosario Dawson?

Miracle Max and Valerie

Billy Crystal and Carol Kane are known for their improve skills, and they entertained everyone with their hilarious portrayals of an old married couple.

Our Choice: Cary Elwes and Robin Wright

Because it just wouldn’t be The Princess Bride without these two. Cary Elwes is hilarious, and has an extremely unique style all his own. Who better to play the old miracle worker and his wife?

The Albino

Mel Smith played the funny but creepy Albino, and gave us some very needed comedic relief as we watched our hero held underground and tortured.

Our Choice: Ricky Gervais

Do we really need to explain why he’s perfect for this role?

The Grandfather

Peter Falk was both the wise cracking grandfather and narrator of the film.

Our choice: Michael Gambon

He showed us in Harry Potter that his voice can be powerful in delivering lines. Plus… I want Dumbledore to read me a story.

Last but not least: Westly

Cary Elwes played the original farm boy turned pirate. His humor, wit and attitude won the heart of every viewer, and makes it impossible to imagine anyone else playing this role.

Our choice: Dylan O’brien

Dylan O’brien has won the hearts of Teen Wolf and Maze Runner fans with his unique humor, and genuine portrayal. This is yet another tricky character to cast, but we believe O’brien has what it takes to put a new and interesting spin on the beloved Dread Pirate Roberts.


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