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Be the batman
Ninja gamer

I believe that current Usopp would beat batman (non morbius chair).


  • Both have standard gear but no robot suits
  • Both are blood lusted
  • No prep
  • Start 100 yards away
  • Rocky terrain
  • Win by knockout or death, no surrender

First I'd like to start with speed. Usopp is faster by a landslide at least in terms of reaction. He is easily able to react to sound as he has been shown to snipe down bullets. One piece bullets go at the speed of sound. He is almost as fast as Robin who in the sky islands ran away from Yama(the fat priest). It has scientifically been proven that Yama moved at hypersonic speeds. This was only pre timeskip. Also in pre timeskip, although jokingly Ussop was able to dodge lighting or at least Enel's attack. Batman is only peek human. At best he can dodge many bullets.

Usopp also has the durability advantage. He has survived jumping off a tower and being able to get up almost instantly. He was able to win a fight after being hit by a 5t baseball bat. He has got up from hits which can break through stone. These are super human feats compared to Batman's peak human level. Yes batman has also survived heavy hitters but he has not gotten up instantly.

Brains is the closest. I actually believe Batman has the edge in the but only by a bit. Usopp has been shown to be a pretty strategic guy. He likes to use alcohol a lot then set them on fire. His tactics look quite jokey however this gives him an edge of unpredictability. Usopp vs Luffy is a clear example of this. However Batman has out smarted an uncountable amount of people. Including Darkseid a conqueror of worlds. Batman also out smarted Metron who has lived for over a million years. He wins in terms of smarts. However I believe Batman's combat smarts come from the weaknesses his enemies have such as simply ripping the cords from Banes back

In terms of strength I would say they are pretty equal. Usopp might have the edge. He was able to snipe people from a distance where a human eye wouldn't spot him at first and the winds blowing against him. Batman is peak human plus. They are pretty even.

Batman would dominate in hand to hand combat. However Usopp has a lot of attacks that would keep batman at a distance because of consistent rally e.g. shuriken star attack. Also we have established that Usopp would easily be able to dodge his attacks. This includes physical strikes but on a much smaller scale.

In terms of gear and gear I would say its again even. Usopp has gear that suits his fighting. If it were in anyone else's hands Batman's gadgets would be far superior. Usopp has his bizarre plants. I can't see batman easily dodging these instant sprouting plants especially with no prep. However if Usopp relies to much on these it could be bad. Usopp also has dials and I can't see Batman getting up from the impact dial. These are snail shell things that can absorb impact gas and some other stuff.

Points to take note of:

  • Most of the projectile that batman throws would just be shot down
  • Any gas Batman uses could just be absorbed by a dial
  • From normal punches to big explosions the impact dial can absorb them. It hasn't been seen to have a limit to how much it can absorb
  • Usopp can use what he has absorbed against Batman because of dials
  • Batman would probably barely be dodging Usopp's projectiles
  • If Batman gets a hold of an impact dial Usopp would probably survive the blast and Batman's arm would be torn apart.
  • Usopp although durable probably can't output the impact dials power more than 2 - 4 times.

Usopp has one more key aspect to his fighting or at least sniping. Observation haki. This would increase his reaction speed to that he could practically predict Batman's moves.

With prep this might be a different story but Usopp stomps.


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