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Brie Larson may have felt like an overnight sensation, but the most recent Best Actress In A Leading Role has actually been hustling in the industry for two whole decades.

Long before she won universal acclaim in Room, Larson made her way over to the Disney Channel in one of her earliest starring roles. It was a DCOM that is near and dear to my heart (as many Disney Channel Originals Movies tend to be) and now that she's getting all this newfound recognition, Larson deserves a blast from the past.

She Played A Young Drag Racer In 'Right On Track'

The movie came out in 2003, a year after Larson starred in the WB sitcom Raising Dad alongside Kat Dennings and Bob Saget. In Right On Track, a fact-based family drama, the then 14-year-old played Courtney Enders, a teen who competed in junior drag racing.

If you've seen or heard of this biopic, you probably remember Beverley Mitchell (Lucy from 7th Heaven) in the lead role. Enjoy a little refresher with the clip below. It's pretty low quality, but that just helps transport you right back to the early 2000s.

Just goes to show that a background in Disney can lead to a major Oscar payoff (just ask Anne Hathaway).

Oh, And Did I Mention That Brie Was A Teen Pop Star, Too?

Yep, she was once a popette. I remember catching this music video in between episodes of Degrassi on The N. At the time, I knew her as nothing more than that girl from Right On Track.

Now, the world just knows her as the girl of the moment.


What other Disney Channel star do you think will get an Oscar?


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