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It has been nearly a year since the news of The Craft reboot surfaced, but that doesn't mean any of us have stopped thinking about it. The cult classic will be hard to match, but with the right cast, it could honor the '90s favorite! Check out my casting preferences below:

Rochelle - Amandla Stenberg

Rochelle may have been vindictive and manipulative, but she was loyal to her group, and Amandla's face captures the look of loyalty. The original character lacked significant importance, so an actress with a following could help make her more memorable in a reboot.

Bonnie - Carlson Young

I could not stop comparing Carlson Young to Neve Campbell while watching the Scream series on MTV. They have so many similar features without fully resembling each other, along with the same, soft-spoken voice. The physical resemblance aside, Carlson has proven her acting range, and could easily pull off the insecure Bonnie we see in the first half of the movie, and the confident Bonnie post-scar-removal.

Sarah - Britt Robertson...

The resemblance to Robin Tunney is the main reason, but Britt does have some experience playing a witch from the short-lived CW series, The Secret Circle. Aside from her innocent demeanor, she also has proven she can be resilient in previous roles.

...or Adelaide Kane

The better choice for Sarah based purely on actress/character personality comparison is Adelaide Kane. She plays a positive, powerful queen on Reign and could repurpose that background to become a powerful witch. She has demonstrated her ability to get tough when necessary, which is an essential characteristic for Sarah.

Nancy - Anna Popplewell

No one could ever top Fairuza Balk's performance as Nancy, and I honestly wish she could reprise her role in the reboot. Since she obviously can't, and no one is even remotely qualified to, my recasting comes down to appearance. Anna Popplewell looks remarkably similar to Balk, and with gothic makeup, could look nearly identical. It doesn't hurt that she is already a seasoned actress, working since the age of ten.

Chris Hooker

Skeet Ulrich is one of my all time favorite actors, so recasting him would do irreparable damage to my soul, but let me know if you have someone worthy in mind!

Source: mtv
Source: mtv

One thing is for sure, whoever ends up being cast is going to need to obsessively study the 1996 film, and make sure they do it justice!


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