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Anyone interested in Daredevil has probably seen the new trailer for Daredevil where Stick says, "They're called the Hand." Who are the Hand, you non-comics fan may ask? They are a shadow society of Japanese ninja assassins who hire themselves out to the highest bidder and worship a mystical "Beast" who likes it when people get killed. Nobu, the Japanese guy in Fisk's inner circle in Season 1, was notably with the Hand.

In the first season of Daredevil, Matt's mentor actually murders a child, which passes without a lot of comment from people. But speaking as a human being, it really bothers me. Stick kills a kid, even though I realize that it's probably the Hand trying to bring the Beast to corporeal form. Still, I really hope we get more information on that incident.

Get up Charlie! Time for Season 2!

Stick is part of a group called "The Chaste," who exist to fight the Hand. Both groups can do all sorts of mystical things, bring people to life to serve them, heal wounds, actually sap the life from the living. They are all very good with swords and martial arts too.

This seems like a really good format to introduce The Punisher, who is an awesome Marvel character. He's a vigilante who murders bad guys. Also, Elektra! An assassin who will kill anyone for a price and Matt's college girlfriend. Oh, and Elektra is often associated with the Hand.

I'm surprised and pleased to see from the trailer that the Daredevil producers are opening up the universe in a big way.

Nancy Basile writes for Media Medusa. For more about what we're going to see in Daredevil Season 2, see our Daredevil Easter Eggs by a Comic Book Lover.


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