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By now, most of you know who are best friends when it comes to superheroes. You have the likes of Batman and Robin, Captain America and Hawkeye, etc, but I wonder do you know some of these friendships.. Let me know if there was some you didn't know, or even if you have ones you know that aren't on this list!

1. Wolverine and Nightcrawler

For the first guys on our list, we're going to the X-Men with a very random pairing. We all know Wolverine as the tough guy, bad-ass who acts like he doesn't need any friends. On the other hand you have Nightcrawler, a total optimist who you would think would just annoy Wolverine. Unfortunately, we've never really seen this funny friendship unfold on TV or in movies, but maybe there's potential in the future to see it!

2. The Atom and Hawkman

You may know The Atom for his on-screen persona in the hit TV show, Arrow. You would think The Atom would prefer to be friends with Batman or somebody else like that, but it's Hawkman that he gets on best with! We will see more of that in DC's new show, Legends of Tomorrow.

3. Cable and Deadpool

If you've seen Deadpool already, then you probably know we're going to see Cable in the highly anticipated sequel. He is the adult son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone). These two form an unlikely friendship, that they often try to hide. In their first comic together, back in May 2004, they were somewhere between fighting and helping each other due to their individual missions conflicting/collaborating. Seeing these two together in the sequel is gonna be tons of fun! Cable is a bad-ass dude from the future and Deadpool is just a hilarious mercenary waiting to annoy everybody. Bring on Deadpool 2!

4. Hulk and Spiderwoman

This is one of the stranger friendships on the list and this one seemed to blossom in the Avengers Assemble comic book range. The series went on for 2 years (2012-2014) and in that series, the pair formed an unlikely friendship. I'd like to see this adaptation in the movies, but we may have to wait a long time to see Spiderwoman on the big-screen.

5. Wolverine and Spiderman

This is Wolverine's second time on this list and I guess that shows what type of guy he is! He acts all tough on the outside, but out the inside... He's still pretty tough, but he's got pals at least! Spidey is a teen with smart remarks and quick wit, which you would presume would annoy Wolverine. It's actually the opposite, because they even had their own comic line together, called, Astonishing Spiderman & Wolverine.

That doesn't mean the pair haven't had their differences, as you can imagine, it's pretty easy to get on Wolverine's nerves at times! Back in 1987, there was a comic line titled, Spiderman versus Wolverine. The strangest storyline between the pair was in the Ultimate Spiderman, animated series, both Wolverine and Spiderman switched bodies in season 1 episode 10! Check it out below.

6. Black Panther and Hawkeye

This is a friendship I'm excited to see unfold in the upcoming, Captain America: Civil War. In the movie advertising, we see the pair on opposite sides, which makes me wonder if they will be friends, but then again Black Panther probably won't be set on one side, he's far too powerful to be dictated by Tony Stark.

Their conflict in Civil War is going to be fun to watch, because Black Panther is extremely stealthy but Hawkeye is very hard to sneak up on! I'm expecting a huge fight in Civil War between this pair, but to become great friends in the movies afterward.

So there you have it guys! Let me know who your favorite superhero friends are and we'll see a part 2 in the future! Be sure to follow my page for more updates on all things movies.


Which friendship surprised you most?


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