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Will this be the start of something new, or will the Disney Channel stick to the status quo?

After announcing the project back in 2009, Disney is officially moving forward with High School Musical 4, the third sequel in the wildly popular franchise spawned by one hit Disney Channel Original Movie.

'HSM 4' Will Introduce A Whole New Cast Of Characters

Hopefully you didn't get too attached to Troy and Gabriella (they did graduate, after all). The new movie will pick up where the original movies left off, bringing that same song-and-dance spectacle while pitting the East High Wildcats against its crosstown rivals, the West High Knights.

Casting Has Already Begun For A Whole New Crop Of Talent

According to Variety, Jeffrey Hornaday is the only person attached to the project at this time. He'll be directing and choreographing, following in the footsteps of Kenny Ortega, who made the first three films such a massive hit for Disney.

Once the cast is in place, we should know for certain whether the project is green-lit. But let's be real. High School Musical has been exceedingly good to Disney over the years, so it's very likely we'll see High School Musical 4 very soon.


Will you watch 'High School Musical 4'?

(Source: Variety)


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