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Could it be? The greatest gladiator fight in the history of the world to make as much money opening weekend as Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Before you discount this theory as crazy let's compare the two legendary properties.

Star Wars vs Justice League

After the financial numbers that The Force Awakens put up this may seem like a silly question. However, when you look at the WHY so many people wanted to see the new Star Wars movie then you see the question is far from silly.

Star Wars: Nostalgia

Sure, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended up being a really good movie. I saw the movie myself 5 times. With that said, no one knew for sure that the movie would be great; heck we did not even know if it would be good. However, most of us went out and bought tickets to see the movie a full two months before the movie was to be released in theaters. Why? Nostalgia.

It had been so long since we had seen our favorite Space Fantasy movie on the big screen that we could care less if the movie was going to be good; we just wanted to be there opening weekend for the Star Wars event.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice could benefit from similar nostalgia.

You show ten random people the picture above and I guarantee that ALL ten people will be able to identify at least three of them. No matter how old or how young; those three characters have been around so long that they became more than house hold names but a part of pop culture.

Those are three characters that EVERYONE knows and it just so happen to be the three main characters in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

BvS retro and futuristic
BvS retro and futuristic

Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman!!! Better known as the founders of the Justice League.....Better known as the Super Friends....Better known as 'The Trinity'. No matter what you decide to call them EVERYONE knows who they are and will want to see them in a live action movie for the first time EVER.

Sure we all want to know why Superman and Batman are fighting....

But the general movie going audience is going to see the movie for the event of seeing the 3 most iconic superheroes of all time in a movie together. Which is why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will benefit from nostalgia much like Star Wars: The Force Awakens did.

Pre-ticket sales are reflecting that this could be a real possibility.

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Yes Star Wars trended better and is in fact, in terms of ticket sales, is the top trending movie of all time within the first 24 hours. Take a guess who is second all time trending? That's right....Batman vs Superman.

The fact that this movie is also debuting on Good Friday is also going to boost the opening for Batman v Superman. There will be a lot of schools closed on Good Friday which could lead to a Great Friday for Warner Bros. as families will surely try to start the Easter weekend off right by going to see this big event.

But those are my thoughts. I'm really curious to know how you feel. Star Wars made 238 Do you think than Batman v Superman can have a better opening weekend than The Force Awakens? Please share you thoughts below.


Do you think the Batman v Superman can have a better opening weekend than The Force Awakens?


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