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I love all these movies and I check all the search engines for possible news on [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) (Don't judge me, it's better than porn, or is it?). This article will contain somewhat wild speculations and the reason why is simply because anything else would seem redundant. Also, what I am writing will come off the rip and I don't believe I've seen any of these thoughts on any other websites!

I understand that in the comics the Stamford incident ignited the war and (spoiler) Cap dies at the end. Some of you will consider my speculations as mild and others loonier than Bellatrix Lestrange on an acid trip. Like I said before, I love these movies and enjoy writing about them on this wonderful blog! {Enjoy)

1. Spider-Man will unmask

Hold up, wait a minute, let me put some thought up in it (it's a song). I don't believe he will unmask in the way he did in the comics, but I do believe that the Russo Brothers will honor one of the most monumental moments in the comics for people like us. All I want from Spidey is some amazing action sequences and for him to be funny in the few moments of the film that he will actually appear.

To recreate that moment of unmasking must serve the purpose of shock and awe (and purpose) like it happened in the comics. I believe that Spidey will unmask during the final battle of the heroes (not the movie) to show everyone how young he truly is. What could make this moment even more intense is having either Cap or Iron Man be beating, beating him, down into the ground (last song). This will most likely shake each Avenger to the core, since they're fighting a freshman in High School. Then the final battle against....

2. Crossbones is a pawn

Quite frankly he has always been a pawn to some degree because of his affiliation with Hydra and he's going to play second fiddle next to Baron Zemo. Unless somehow they just introduce Baron in this movie and Marvel is saving him to attack Wakanda in Black Panther for the Vibranium.

I don't believe he will be the one to kill Steve Rogers at the climax of the movie simply because that would be too obvious. I don't see the impact of Sharon Carter murdering the ol' man and if we start seeing her quite a bit in the movie then I would start wondering. The person he will be working for intrigues me because....

3. Baron Zemo is an alien...kinda

Wait, there's no mention of his father in any of the other films and how is wearing a purple mask intimidating (talking to you Hawkeye)? If you have seen a certain Marvel animated movie that predates the current shared-universe, then you will understand why this ludicrous, zany, daft thought persists in my head. In the first Ultimate Avengers the Chitauri attacked New York and I know that Age of Ultron did not mirror this exactly (or really at all). I just think this would make an excellent plot twist of this Chitauri shape-shifting alien and the impersonation of the Baron Zemo.

4. The Vision dies... sorta

I absolutely adore the Vision and he won't be the only one to join ranks of Quicksilver. How cool would it be to see Scarlet Witch tap into some mystic power and bring Pietro back from the grave? I would honestly love seeing both Iron Man and Captain America die in the movie primarily because it would totally blow my mind!

This bad guy will kill multiple heroes and retrieve the stone from Vision's head because Age of Ultron did not set up Thanos invasion besides Thor's vision. Steve Rogers will also die by this monstrosity of a man and why assemble all these heroes just to battle each other. Baron Zemo will be pulling these strings to setup the return of this villain....

5. The mother lovin' Red Skull returns

He started the trilogy and he will end Abraham Erskines' greatest achievement in Captain America. The Tesseract sent him somewhere in space where Thanos found him and he's been waiting to play this trump card. The army that Loki acquired in the Avengers came from the friggin' Mad Titan's hands and this is where Baron Zemo's loyalty truly lies. This is why his next plan will be to attack Wakanda with Klaw and steal the Vibranium to build whatever Thanos is planning. He will settle an old debt and acquired the only stone that is currently being held on earth (that anyone knows about and what is so damn important about Earth that two of the stones were located here and possibly the other two?).

Red Skull will be certifiable (more so) due to the treatment of Thanos' brainwashing him into submission. He will escape the Avenger's grasp due to the fighting among each other and give the stone to Thanos like a good boy.


This would be a cool costume in Civil War
This would be a cool costume in Civil War

I did say that these would be wild speculations and I tried to make them all logical at least. To be honest this ending left me quite sad and this definitely would be a game changer for the MCU. Remember that Marvel keeps the plots tightly wrapped until about a week before the movie and then we will most likely know everything that will happen unless they took some advice from Star Wars! I would love to hear from my three readers how full of it I am and I hope this was somewhat different from other predictions you've read!


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