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There are 5 options for someone to voice Kratos the main protagonist of the upcoming God of War reboot franchise.


Kyle Massey (Gotham/Teen Titans/That's So Raven)
Kyle Massey (Gotham/Teen Titans/That's So Raven)

Gotham actor Kyle Massey who will be playing Cyborg in the future TNT TV series Teen Titans might be a good choice judging by his deep dark toned voice as heard in Fish Hooks the animated former TV show on Disney Channel.


Mr T from the former Disney Channel TV show The Proud Family as well as the animated former Nick series Jimmy Neutron also might be a perfect fit for the voice of Kratos. As he says always, I pity the fool!


GE from NBC's former hit series Revolution as well as The Maze Runner films and Once Upon a Time on ABC could be also an optional fit for the voice role of Kratos in the anticipated God of War gaming franchise. He could beat Massey and T mentioned in this post earlier.


Georgina Haig from Once Upon a Time and Fringe and the future SyFy TV series Incorporated as well as the future live action remake of the hit 2013 animated movie Frozen may not be black or male but she will possibly do an iconic voice of a female Kratos beating the male version of The Ghost of Sparta in the original games.


Ghostbusters, The Following, and OUAT actress Tiffany Boone also from the upcoming 2018 movie The Little Mermaid is definitely black but still female. All the same she could too do a fabulous voice of a female Ghost of Sparta otherwise known as Kratos.

Whichever one of these famed and iconic male or female actors will solely be picked for the voice role of Kratos in the God of War reboot prone to slash into stores soon, possibly on Playstation VR and Playstation 4, she or he will definitely make the true cut with his Blades of Chaos. They each just have audition while expressing their emotion of anger.

God of War returns to Sony gaming systems in reboot form soon.


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