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In the last few years Fox has given us two amazing X-Men movies without using Wolverine as their major focal point. Sure, he was in Days Of Future Past, but Wolverine wasn't the main character. They relied on James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to carry the movies, and they have been astonishing. Both have carried the Professor X and Magneto torch just as well as — if not better than — Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. What makes the future of the X-Men franchise so bright is that they haven't even scratched the surface yet. Fox Entertainment has a plethora of characters that they haven't used or even mentioned in any of their films; characters so good that they could eventually become household names.

1. The Shi'Ar Empire and The Star Jammers

It's shocking that Fox hasn't tried to ride the wave that Marvel created with the Guardians Of The Galaxy and Disney with Star Wars. It's obvious that people enjoy a good space sci-fi movie, and the Shi'Ar Empire and The Imperial Guard has a wide range of aliens to use. They are responsible for Scott Summers (Cyclops) not knowing his father until he became an adult. Bringing in Scott's father also means possibly bringing in the Star Jammers. Think Guardians Of The Galaxy but not nearly as funny — but possibly a lot more ruthless. There is no logical reason the Shi'Ar hasn't been used. Especially since this could introduce the Phoenix Saga, which is highly regarded as one of the best comic book stories of all time.

2. Omega Red

A guy with enough power and skill to take on the X-Men by himself and he hasn't even been mentioned in any of the movies? Omega Red is a mutant with the power to drain people of their life force without even being in direct contact with them. He not only has that mutant power, but the near unbreakable tentacles that he uses to strange people as well as impale them, if need be. Omega Red didn't start as a very charismatic character, but towards the end (Wolverine kills him) Red becomes very sadistic. Making him the Omega Red that relishes in causing people pain would make for a fun villain. Red is also a major part of Wolverine's past. Another wasted opportunity.

3. Mr. Sinister

Such a smug bastard. But it's justified.
Such a smug bastard. But it's justified.

Quite honestly the most devious villain — not only of the X-Men, but of villainy in general. I have said this before, and I will say it again: even when Sinister loses, he finds a way to get a slight victory. He's arrogant, brilliant, devious, brutal, and insanely charismatic. If the right person plays him, Sinister could be Fox's Loki: a popular villain that fans adore. With Sinister come the Marauders; his group of super powered goons that match up better than anyone with the X-Men. Even if the Marauders aren't used, Sinister always seems to have a vat or twelve with clones of whoever, ready to do his bidding. As an added bonus, Gambit's origin is directly tied into Sinister — and everyone loves Gambit. And since Apocalypse is coming soon — and Apocalypse turned Nathaniel Essex into Mr. Sinister — Sinister should hopefully be showing up soon too. Fingers crossed it's a post-credits scene.

4. The Mojoverse

Mojo is a disgusting looking despot who enjoys keeping people under his mechanical spider-like legs. If that's not bad enough, you can blame him for reality television. He's been using the X-Men as his unwilling reality TV stars since before Kim Kardashian got her first boob and butt enhancement surgery. Sometimes they were filmed through the eyes of one of their teammates and sometimes he kidnapped them and brought them to his universe. And it gets worse, Mojo doesn't even do his own fighting. Even if he weren't too fat and lazy to fight, he seems like he'd think he was too petty to engange. Thankfully he has a badass six armed, sword wielding, magic using, personal body guard and spy named Spiral to do his dirty work.

5. Longshot

You're not seeing things. He only has three fingers
You're not seeing things. He only has three fingers

Along with all of the villains that come with Mojo, comes a slave created by Mojo for movies, but who ended up being a constant thorn in Mojo's side. The agile, naïve, luck powered Longshot. Longshot could make a good character that starts as Mojo's slave and eventually turns into the savior of the movie. While he may not be a protagonist, he could make an enjoyable side character.

I'm sure I missed a ton of great characters, so there will be another article like this one coming soon. Thanks for reading.

And here's what Mojo looks like when he's bored
And here's what Mojo looks like when he's bored

Which Fox owned Marvel character do you want to see in their movie universe?


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