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I am a picky movie watcher. Very picky. In one of my previous articles, I had mentioned that I have a rule. The rule is, not to watch a movie a second time within a month of watching it the first time. This is to make sure that watching movies is still an enjoyable experience. But rules are made to be broken. Here are three movies that can be watched over and over anytime!

3. Sherlock

I know, I KNOW! It's not a movie, but stop yelling at me! Each episode is a movie's length, so I'm counting it! Deal! Anyway, this series is what brought Benedict Cumberbatch to fame, giving him the role of Doctor Strange in the MCU. This series is the perfect mix of funny a little crude, but it makes you feel smart when watching it, so you just want more! Thus, watching it over and over, thinking TV is making you smart, which is what makes this so easy to watch repeatedly.

2. Breakfast Club

What is it about this movie? This is like the third article of mine it has been in. I have said before, the fact that I can watch a movie that came out when my dad was a kid, and we can talk about it like we just saw it in the theater together, just goes to show how good this movie is. This movie is just so timeless (article about that coming soon). There is at least one person everyone can relate to in that movie, and sometimes a mix of multiple characters. If you are a jock, or a nerd, or a nerdy jock, there is someone in that movie you can relate to! That's why you can watch this movie so much, because whenever you watch it you feel like someone understands you. Great movie to watch when you're feeling a little blue.

1. Good Will Hunting

Watching this movie is like going to the therapist, without going to the therapist. Just picture yourself watching it right now, and you're just like "Oh Robin Williams, how you so get me. I miss you with all my heart." See? See what I mean? This is the first movie I saw that got me close to crying (but no movie has succeeded at that yet). We all have a little Will Hunting in us, scared but not willing to show it, just wanting to be loved, but to scared to love. So when we watch this movie, it makes us feel that way. We can see the love Robin Williams is sending To Will Hunting, that Will can't see and we just want to jump in and tell him what he is missing out on. Then the ending scene when Will Hunting is *spoilers* crying his eyes out, and opening up to his therapist for the first time, we just sit back and feel complete, yet, sad, but that's okay, sometimes being sad is what makes someone whole, at least for the time being.


Which movie was your favorite?

So what do you think? What is your movie you can watch over and over? Let us know in the comments bellow!


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