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Do you smell that? It's the smell of a blockbuster hit! Recently announced, a movie based on the worlds most famous game, Tetris, is in the works. Isn't that exciting! But whats it about? How is it going to be portrayed? Who is going to act in it? Well i'm here to answer one of those questions! I found this to be a very odd concept when first announced, and I still do. But, it is worth giving a shot. So here is my fan casting of the Tetris movie!

*Note: I will be basing my choices on the main seven pieces.

1: 'L' - Johnny Depp

One of the first pieces you get in the game, this is the guy who brings the team together. He doesn't say much, just does what he is told and hides in the shadows. But don't let that trow you off, he has his issues and opinions, leave him be and don't on his bad side, or you will not like what he does. One move and he can screw up everything you have going on.

2: 'J'- Oprah Winfrey

She is the sassy and fashionable one. Think of her as Disgust from Inside Out but blue and curved. She designed the whole team's outfits, and if they don't like it, tough luck! She doesn't take crap from anybody, and she isn't afraid to tear you a new one. Always making sure her two cents get into the conversation, she can get to be really annoying, (but don't tell her I told you that).

3: 'Z' - Tim Allen

He is the one who can't be bothered to listen. Always asking "what's going on?" then frantically trying to figure out what to do. He, is funny, he is a good guy to talk to, just know you might have to repeat yourself a couple of times. Fun and lovable, but can be super annoying.

4: 'S'- Margot Robbie

She is the wild card. No one knows what she will do next. Is it from lack of common sense? No, she just likes seeing things go sideways. Why they keep her on the team, we don't know, but there are rumors of a secret relationship with her and 'T'. (But that's none of our business). She's sweet, she's fun, and she is just about everyone's favorite.

5: 'T'- Tom Hardy

Ah, 'T', one of my personal favorites. This character is the brute. The big tough guy who goes into the battle guns blazing. He's the badass that can scare you with a look. He is the kind of guy to lean on a wall with a match in his mouth while squinting at you, seeing how long it takes to make you uncomfortable. Secretive, dark, and oh so crude, this guy is the one who you do not want to mess with.

6:'O'- Ryan Reynolds

He is the comedic relief when all hope seems lost. 'O' is the guy who can make a joke out of anything, great at slapstick, loves food, and he is just one of the best! Even though Reynolds is set now as Deadpool, I think he could do this in between the Deadpool movies. I'm picturing him in a fat suit similar to Eddy Murphy in The Nutty Professor.

7:'I' - Leonardo DiCaprio

The leader-'I' is the one who takes charge, and keeps everyone going even when they want to stop. He is the planner and the doer. He is the one who motivates people when they are feeling weak, tired, worthless, or just plan stuck. He is the one in the most danger, but we all know that he loves it. A lover, a killer, a mean lean four block machine!

So there you go. That's my fan cast for the upcoming Tetris movie. Now this was written all in good fun, and should not be taken super seriously. I have no idea how they are going to turn the game Tetris into a movie, but I have a feeling that the blocks won't be the main characters.

So what do you think? Who would you cast as which blocks? Let us know in the comments below!


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