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For those of you who follow my profile link or have seen a lot of my articles in the past, you know that I'm a major DC Comics fan, and Batman is my all-time favorite. I've been a Batman fan for 20 years, ever since I started watching Batman: The Animated Series. So it probably comes as no surprise that I know more than a little bit of fun trivia about the dear Dark Knight. So here are 10 facts about multiple iterations of Batman.

1. Lewis Wilson Was The First Live Action Batman

As you can see, his look was no better than your average Halloween costume, but Wilson was the first live action representation of Batman back in 1943, more than 20 years before Adam West came along.

2. There Have Been Five Major Incarnations Of Robin

Only three of them are pictured above, with Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne missing. The line-up in descending order began with Dick Grayson, then Jason Todd, then Tim Drake, and finally (after Stephanie) is Damian Wayne, Bruce's only legitimate son.

3. Four Out Of Five Of Them Ditched 'Robin'

The first, Dick Grayson, went on to become the very successful hero of Bludhaven, Nightwing. The second, Jason Todd, died and then was resurrected to return as the Red Hood, a kind of antihero in the war on crime. The third, Tim Drake, became Red Robin, after the events of Batman R.I.P., while Stephanie Brown replaced Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. Sadly, Damian Wayne was killed off in 2013 by an older clone of himself.

4. Batman Chose To Resurrect Damian Over His Own Parents

Bruce, through methods obtained on Darkseid's home world, Apokolips, had the choice to either fully resurrect his parents from death, or his son, Damian. He chose the latter.

5. Bob Kane (Co-Creator Of Batman) Loved Val Kilmer

The co-creator of the Dark Knight said in a Cinescape interview that Kilmer had given the best interpretation of the character up to that point. You have to figure that surely the creator would know what he was talking about, right? Personally, I did love Batman Forever, but more as a guilty pleasure rather than as a truly great film... I still can't watch Joel Schumacher films very easily.

6. Dennis O'Neil And Neal Adams Saved Batman From The TV Series' Interpretation

In 1969, after the TV series had put a damper on the sale of Batman comics, writer O'Neil and artist Adams decided to return the character to his darker roots and distance him from the series' more campy portrayal. I had the pleasure of meeting Neal Adams (pictured above on the right) at Salt Lake Comic-Con in 2014 and he signed a picture of the cover of Batman #251 for me, which is currently framed on my living room wall.

7. There Have Been Seven Live Action Portrayals (So Far)

Excluded from the above picture are Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery, and our soon-to-be eighth actor in the role, Ben Affleck. Speaking of which, who already has advance tickets bought for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

8. Commissioner Gordon Was Batman

Armed with a mechanized version of the Batsuit, Commissioner James Gordon took up the mantle after Batman and the Joker both seemingly died in the 'Endgame' storyline. Though Bruce Wayne has been revealed to be alive, he's completely lost his memory of ever being Batman.

9. Batman Is A Global Presence

After returning to the present, following the events of Batman R.I.P., Bruce sets up a corporation of sorts where he recruits, trains, and commands new heroes who will answer only to him and can represent global protection.

10. Kevin Conroy Has Played Batman More Than Anyone Else

Excuse the dumb smile on my face, I'm geeking out.
Excuse the dumb smile on my face, I'm geeking out.

Another honorable guest to meet at Salt Lake Comic-Con in 2014, Kevin Conroy is by far my favorite Batman, but he's not in any of the live action films. Conroy has had the honor of being the voice of Batman for over 20 years, from Batman: The Animated Series (when I first heard him all those years ago), to countless animated films, and most recently in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham video game series. As he likes to tell his fans and say repeatedly in interviews, Conroy is Batman!

I really had to contain the vast amounts of knowledge I have about the subject and limit myself to 10 points, but there are definitely some of the coolest facts about my favorite hero!

Is there any cool trivia about Batman that you like that I didn't include? Please share it in the comments! Not that I need to remind you, but don't miss the newest version of the Dark Knight in three weeks when 'Batman v Superman' is finally released! Check out the trailer!



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