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Oh my ..VAMPIRE! It's official everyone. Simon is now a vampire. On tonight's episode several crazy things happened. For one, Alec proposed marriage to a member of the Clave. (No, Magnus!)

Raphael delivered Simon's dead body to Clary at the Institute. She was given two choices. Either stake him or bury him and wait for him to rise. She chose option number two. (Thank G..)

At the end of the episode we see Simon claw his way out of the ground and rip apart blood bags that Raphael gives him. When his blood lust is satiated for the time being he looks at Clary and asks what happened to him. When she tells him he died and that he's now a vampire he loses his mind and takes off.

The episode ends with Simon running away and Clary crying asking Jace why she did that. What a great episode!


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