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Rick Grimes' face.

There isn't anything on TV right now that can tell a story quite like one look from that guy. Whether it's his head cocked/eyebrow raised "you're gonna die" look, or any of the other dozens of faces we've seen, all it takes is one look, and you know something has happened or is going to happen.

So far, just this season alone has shown us so SO many of his faces, and many of them have been ripped straight from the comics.

As morbid as it seems, we have to wonder; what is in store for us the rest of this season, with a HUGE death (or two?) staring us right in the face with the arrival of Negan, and with all the drama that is going to follow?

Here's a look back at the seasons past, with comic Rick and TV show Rick side by side, and a look forward and what rickspressions we have to look forward to.

This weekend's episode gave us the "what, bitches?" face:

And the "I don't think I will." face:

In our midseason opener, we lost the remaining Anderson clan, and not holding back, Rick gave us the full range of emotions.

The "dammit, I lost another one" look-

Leading to the "oh hell, Carl's about to bite it too, I better Rick Out" look-

Losing Jessie brings to mind the moment Rick realizes he lost Lori-

And the moments he lost his mind after losing Lori...

The moment RIck & Co. arrived in Alexandria, he's been wary of the whole idea of civilization, after all he's seen. So, naturally, he goes a little berserk in the streets...

Ultimately, leading him to ending the abusive ass of a man, Pete-

But his son losing his eye later on-

That moment took us to the same emotional level that the look on Rick's face took us to back in the first comics,

and the first season-

...when Rick was reunited with his family.

Going back to that first season, how can we forget about Hannah, the bike riding zombie, and Rick's reaction to seeing his first walker up close and personal...

...and having to put her down later.

he's sorry this happened to her...
he's sorry this happened to her...

Rick's desire to protect his family is one of the, if not THE hugest thing that drives him in the comics and the show. When The Claimers came calling in the show, or The Marauders in the comics, we (Joe especially) became painfully aware of Rick's thoughts on child rape, when he chewed Joe up and spit him out-

So what Faces of Rick might we be expecting in this season and beyond? Jumping way ahead, but keeping on track of how Rick feels about raping kids, in the comics, after Negan and all his crap, there's a group called The Whisperers. Dressing up in human skin and raping their kids as a show of power is their thing. Rick's face when he finds out about this-

This shows us something rare, something that actually leaves Rick Speechless.

Working our way back from The Whisperers to Negan, at one point, 12 members of Rick's group are killed by The Whisperers (getting kind of tired of typing that long ass word), Rosita and Ezekiel being the two big deaths-

Well, zombified heads on poles, but deaths either way. The look of shock on Rick's face is something I'm sure we'll be seeing many times in the next season or two.

In the comics, the moment that pretty much ended Negan's reign of terror was when he let his guard down talking to Rick. After Rick gave this awesome speech about how they could work together and build something great-

Negan was all for it, being all like "F, you're right." Well, Rick was apparently still mad about Glenn...

So he cut his throat. After a brief tussle that ended with Negan unconscious and bleeding profusely, Rick with a broken leg, and Rick demanding they save Negan, Negan was officially done for. They did save him, and kept him prisoner for years, for whatever reasons, and still keep him captive till this day (in the comics world, anyway).

How Rick has kept him alive after what he did to Glenn is beyond me. But imagine what side of Rick we're going to see if/when Negan kills whoever he's going to kill, probably at the end of Season 6:

That's Rick during Glenn's beating death. Here he is after:

Tearful, pissed off, vengeful. That's the Rick we'll get to see one of these Sunday nights, very very soon! It'll come at an extremely hefty price, but that's what it takes to get the ultimate Rick faces on our TV screen.

What future rickspression are you looking forward to?


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