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Lots of people die on The Walking Dead. And I mean lots. Both amongst the hundreds of walkers and the tens of actual cast members. But other than becoming walkers, what are these The Walking Dead actors up to after their deaths.

1. T-Dog (Irone Singleton)

Much like in Season 2 of the show, T-Dog has been relatively quiet. His last project was two episodes on Franklin & Bash in 2014 and a few minor roles in a TV movie and a random indie.

2. The Governor (David Morrissey)

After being fatally stabbed and then shot, you would think it would be hard to find work. Surprisingly not, as Morrissey landed a role as a series regular on Extant in its short run in 2015 and then had a minor role in The Ones Below, another random indie film.

3. Beth Greene (Emily Kinney)

Beth has really come a long way since the farm. Since The Walking Dead she has appeared in an episode of The Flash and Forever. She appeared in a few episodes of The Knick and was also in four episodes of Masters Of Sex. She is now currently filming Conviction with Agent Carter herself, Hayley Atwell. She also continues to work on her music and you can check out her Youtube channel here.

4. Noah (Tyler James Williams)

Even before his death, Williams had scored a role as Russ Montgomery on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. They are still making spin-offs of those? The show is not yet set for a definitive release date. Williams has also featured in various comedy TV series, after his iconic role in Everybody Hates Chris.

5. Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman)

Since The Walking Dead, Coleman has voiced "African Gunman" in Family Guy twice and is currently still playing Col. Frederick Lucius Johnson on The Expanse, an odd space mystery, drama, sci-fi. One thing is for sure though, I doubt they let him take his beanie into space.

6. Sophia (Madison Lintz)

As much as I hate to cast your memory back to Season 2, we last saw Sophia in Season 2 after Rick shot her when they found out she had been in Hershel's barn all along.

Since 2012 she has starred in the Billy Crystal movie you thought you forgot about, Parental Guidance, and is a series regular on Bosch, reuniting with the guy who stuffed her into the barn originally...

7. Hershel (Scott Wilson)

As upsetting as it is to relive the untimely death that was Hershel Greene's he has been doing great since The Walking Dead. Working with Sophia (Madison Lintz) on Bosch, and, from what I have seen, he didn't lock her in a barn. And in more recent news, he has been cast in a new Netflix series, The OA, as Abel Johnson, the plot of which is still unknown. The real question though is: will it be about Spaghetti Tuesdays?


Which 'Walking Dead' character do you miss the most?


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