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The second episode of the tenth season of The Voice started out with its usual fare; talented vocalists from across the USA (and even a few from Scotland) sung their hearts out for a chance to join an elite team mentored by their favorite artists. Adam and Blake had their continual love spats, Pharrell charmed contestants with his eyes, and Christina sang a few bars while attempting to persuade singers her team was the one to join. The Voice, for all intents and purposes, was simply its usual self; funny, entertaining, and inspiring. But then, something completely crazy happened with the final audition of the night. A contestant appeared like none other before, and she turned the usual audition into a crazy, unexpectedly hilarious circus full of outlandish behavior.

Kata Hay, a Nashville TN. native, made her entrance onto the stage and sang her rendition of "Redneck Woman". She got three chairs to turn (minus Blake) and instantly jumped onto Adam and started hugging and kissing him to show her gratitude. She did the same once she discovered Pharrell and Christina had turned as well. You can watch the entire encounter below:


BUT THEN, THIS happened. Christina offered to make out with Kata, and, unbelievably, she did. Pharell went insane, unable to believe what he was seeing, and Adam called it "The Twilight Zone". Check out ET's full re-cap (including footage of the kiss!) and comment below!


So, was this the craziest moment on The Voice ever? What do you think?


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