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It's almost time dearies! Once Upon A Time is coming back in big fashion. The magical show is celebrating 100 episodes with its winter premiere, and it’s bringing a lot of action for this second part of the season.

To celebrate I put together a list of 100 magical moments that made us fall in love with the show in its first season. Take a look at the first twenty-five moments and remember the magical story that captured our imaginations and our hearts.

1. When Charming wakes up Snow

The pilot captivated everyone, a Prince is galloping towards a sleeping female in a crystal casket; this is how Charming and Snow's story begins. Right after the princess is awoken from the curse, the couple proceed to marry. The wedding is interrupted by the Evil Queen threatening to erase their happy ending forever.

2. When Regina crashes Snow and Charming's wedding

Charming and Snow thought they had a bright future ahead, but on their wedding day the Evil Queen crashed the celebration. Regina warns them that she'll find a way to enact her revenge against the newlyweds.

3. When the Dark Curse is activated

Regina manages to enact the curse and leads an attack towards Charming and Snow's castle. After baby Emma is born and Charming is injured while protecting the baby, Regina laughs as the portal absorbs them and transports them to the land without magic.

4. When Emma makes a birthday wish

28 years later a grown up Emma celebrates her birthday with a cupcake. Her life in the land without magic has not been easy, and she feels a lone without a family. But, when you wish upon a blue start your dreams might come true…

5. When Henry knocked on Emma's door

After blowing her birthday candle Emma is surprised with a visit from her son. The baby she gave up for adoption ten years before is ready to take her on a marvelous adventure.

6. When Emma and Henry arrive to Storybrooke

Since legally Henry is another woman’s son, Emma has to drive him back to the town. She never imagined that landing in Storybrooke, Maine will change her life forever.

7. When Emma fins Henry in the wood castle

After a rocky start in their relationship Henry asks Emma to help him break the curse and bring back the “Happy Endings”. When Emma finds Henry in one of his favorite places she agrees to help him.

8. When Regina holds the story book in her hands

Regina Mills, the Mayor of the town, and the mother of Henry is actually the Evil Queen. We might think in the beginning that she’s unaware of her past but after she holds the story book in her hands, we know she still is the evil mastermind behind everything that happens in Storybrooke.

9. When the clock on the clock-tower starts moving

When Emma finally decides to stay in town and gets a room at Granny’s for an undefined time the clock at the top of the tower starts moving forward. Henry watches and smiles as he knows Emma will bring back happiness to town.

10. When Regina visits Maleficent to ask for the Dark Curse

In order to put Snow White under the sleeping curse Regina exchanged a much dangerous curse with Maleficent. When the Evil Queen plots her revenge she goes to Maleficent to retrieve the Dark Curse. This will be the first time this pair turns against each other.

11. When Regina took an apple basket to Emma's hotel room

In order to persuade Emma to leave town Regina visits her in her hotel room carrying a basket full of apples. She thanks Emma for bringing Henry back but then warns her agains staying, since it could be confusing to Henry. Emma senses something is wrong and stays to protect her son.

12. When Henry and Emma come up with Operation Cobra

Right after Henry warns Emma against Regina’s good intentions he gives Emma important pages of her story. The moments when she was send to the land without magic. This is the moment when Operation Cobra is born.

13. When it's revealed that Regina's father name is Henry

The first time Regina enacts the Dark Curse it doesn't activate. Regina had sacrificed the heart of her favorite stallion. After visiting Rumple she’s told to use the heart of the thing she loves the most. Just when we were thinking that there was nothing in the world Regina lover we find out she loves one person. Her father, Sir Henry.

14. When Charming goes after Snow because she robbed him

The story of how Charmin and Snow fall in love is not the typical “meet-cute” story. Having to turn into a bandit to survive the attacks of the Evil Queen, Snow robs carriages in the forest. One faithful day she robs the carriage of Prince Charming and Princess Abigail.

15. The first time that Charming says "I will always find you"

When Snow-thief escapes with a bag containing the engagement ring meant for Princess Abigail, Prince Charming yells at the thieving girl that it doesn’t matter where she goes or hides, he will always find her. This births a favorite Once Upon A Time classic phrases.

16. When Snow calls Charming "Charming" for the first time

Later during the story Charming sets a trap for thieving Snow. She is captured and when Charming refuses to let her down she calls him “Charming” for the first time. Say goodbye to your name Prince James, you will now and forever be known as “Charming”.

17. When Mary reads to the comatose David and he wakes up

Henry knows that a John Doe patient in the hospital is actually Prince Charming, and he knows his teacher Miss Blanchard is Snow White. He just needed to bring them closer together and let magic do the trick. The comatose patient wakes up from his coma.

18. When Snow wears the ring before returning it to Charming

In the Enchanted Forest, the story of how Charming and Snow meet is not over. After Charming finds Snow, he forces her work with him to recover his ring, and she celebrates by wearing it before finally returning it to the Prince. She states it’s not her taste, but we know she wears that ring in the land without magic. Magical isn’t it?

19. When Rumple prepares Cinderella for the dance

If you thought Cinderella got to the dance thanks to her fairy godmother, think again. Rumple is the one that transforms the maid into a gorgeous Princess. But remember, all magic comes with a price.

20. When Snow and Cinderella dance at Cinderella's wedding

After Cinderella finds love and weds to the Prince of her land, she is visited to celebrate the wedding by none other than Charming and Snow. The girls celebrate their happiness and dance together in the Enchanted Forest.

21. When Emma becomes the Sheriff's Deputy and gets a badge

When she first moves into town Emma is not working, but after a few weeks she decides to take Sheriff Graham upon his offer and becomes his deputy.

22. When Jiminy Cricket meets the Blue Fairy

There are many characters in Once Upon A Time, and one of the most complex ones was Jiminy Cricket. He chooses to become Jiminy Cricket to mend the errors he made while alive, and by doing so he became best friends with a young boy named Gepetto.

23. When get to know Prince James

Prince James is the song of King George. His kingdom was in peril and to save it from ruin he went to King Midas and agreed on marrying their children. However shortly after, Prince James suddenly died. Thankfully he had a twin brother, the pauper, David.

24. When Rumple finds David and proposes him to take his brother's place

Rumple gave baby James to King George and left his twin brother with their biological mother, Ruth. Rumple arriving to propose a deal to David is the beginning of many adventures for the young farm boy.

25. When David takes on the role of James

After accepting the trade, James changes his looks and agrees to marry Princess Abigail, even when he doesn't love her. The new duties of a Prince include respecting his adoptive father's orders. But this young man will soon realize, his father might not have his best interest in mind.

75 More Magic Moments Ahead!

Don't miss part two of this four piece series capturing a hundred magical moments in the first season of Once Upon A Time!

What was your favorite moment so far? Are you as excited as I am about the return of this magical show? Leave your comments and don't forget to share!


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