ByChelsy Scherba, writer at

In The Voice premiere, which aired on NBC this past Tuesday, viewers got to catch up and reacquaint themselves with a childhood friend. Alisan Porter, child actress and star of the '90s classic Curly Sue, auditioned for the show, and wow, can she sing!

Alisan left acting and, like many former child stars, had difficulties with substance abuse. After recovering from a series of addictions, she fell in love and is now a happily married wife and mother. Despite leaving her life of fame behind, she has not abandoned her talent. In fact, Alisan may have been hiding her greatest passion: her singing ability. Watch her story on Inside Edition. Her voice is amazing, don't you think?

Alison has come a long way since her days as James Belushi's cheeky little con-artist sidekick. Who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia? Watch adorable Alisan in the trailer for Curly Sue below and marvel at how far she's come!

Did you ever expect Curly Sue to come back and wow us with her singing? Do you think Alisan Porter can win 'The Voice'? Comment below!


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