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Wow, Dance Moms has always been known for its addictive drama and hair pulling, but there hasn't been as much drama in a single episode since Kelly Hyland slapped Abby when she tried to bite her!

Yet, in this episode alone, Kalani had to be replaced by Nia because of her back injury, Maddie was on the bottom of the pyramid, and new mom Ashlee continued to stir up jealousy among the other dance moms because her daughter Brynn is so talented.

At the start of the episode, everyone was shocked to see Maddie and Brynn on the bottom of the pyramid. As two of Abby's favorites, she told them they were just okay and didn't do anything to stand out from the crowd. Mackenzie earned the top spot on the pyramid for getting the high score in last week's competition, and then Abby proceeded to hand out the week's assignments.

Mackenzie earned the top spot on the pyramid.
Mackenzie earned the top spot on the pyramid.

Kalani and Kendall were given a duet, while Maddie and Brynn were given a duet as well. The rest were allowed to participate in the group dance.

However, during the week's rehearsals, Kalani, who injured her back doing an African dance several weeks ago, started to have a lot of pain. She broke down when her guardian, Melissa, hugged her and eventually ended up calling Kalani's mother Kira, who told her she would have to stop dancing until she healed.

Kira told Kalani not to dance with an injury.
Kira told Kalani not to dance with an injury.

Kendall was left without a dance partner so Nia was called on by Abby to fill in for Kalani. The problem was, Nia would only have one day to learn and perfect the dance, which her mother Holly knew was not enough time. Nia did her best, but the piece didn't go off as well as they hoped. Watch the number below:


Meanwhile, Jill was furious that Brynn had been paired with Maddie. In her opinion, Kendall should have been Maddie's duet partner because Brynn is not even an official member of the team. More drama ensued when Abby enlisted Ashlee to work at her front desk after firing her secretary. The moms accused Ashlee of kissing up to Abby to get favors for Brynn, which caused more tension and tears as the moms saw Ashlee beginning to grow a stronger bond with Abby. At one point, Abby even had Ashlee doing her hair for her! In yet another fight between Ashlee and Jill, Ashlee finally broke down and left the room in tears, going to Abby for comfort and solace. Abby told her to "save her tears for her pillow" and not worry about the other moms so much.

Ashlee was attacked relentlessly by the moms.
Ashlee was attacked relentlessly by the moms.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Brynn had a beautiful duet and ended up taking the top score of the night. In the episode though, the music apparently skipped and they had to finish the duet without it!


It was a crazy episode full of more drama than many of the episodes put together! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Are you excited to see the next episode of Dance Moms? Do you think Kendall and Nia should have done their duet after Kalani was injured?


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