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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.
"One person's crazyness is another person's reality."

If someone will ask you to name a movie, that represents dark side as a funny one? To name a movie as weird as we can only imagine. Movie that makes us believe in magic? The famous storyteller, magician, animator, producer, director- this is one great person. I am talking about Tim Burton.

You can read about him on IMDb, Wikipedia, but I will tell a little. Timothy Walter Burton was born in 1958, California. He wasn't a very "open" person. Preferred movies to people and liked to spend a time by himself. And, as you can see, his movies and cartoons represent his childhood a little... I want to take your time and be your guide in Burton's crazy mind that affected on me. Tim Burton is the person who helped me to choose a profession- movie director.

First picture of him that I watched was "Corpse Bride". And my representation of a "cartoon" turned upside down.
I was shocked at first. Characters with skinny bodies, pop-eyed and pale skinned... They looked like corpses! But then I saw the real ones, and you know what? They looked better than alive. Tim showed another side of that world, he presented it in a brighter way. Maybe not to scare children, maybe because he thinks that the other side is brighter than ours.

I think every person should see his "Big Fish" movie. This is the best example of how our imagination and belief play a very important role. Kindness, kindness surrounds this movie. Beautiful game of Ewan McGregor and Alison Lohman creates very warm and comfy atmosphere that doesn't let you till the final titles. At the same time, with positive emotions you will be touched with a relationship between father and son. Father, who is a dreamer with heart, while his son is a very serious one and thinks that father's stories are just a game of his fantasy, so he doesn't take him very serious. Beautiful colors, extraordinary heroes, good friends, funny situations and amazing screenplay- this is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

"Big Fish" (2003)
"Big Fish" (2003)

I can talk for hours about his movies and cartoons, but I want to speak about his influence on me. And this may be related not only to Tim Burton and my personality, I think that every person, who is connected with movie world has a favorite movie director, or an actor, cinematographer, who made an impression on you. For me, it was Tim. I never thought that my life will be tied up with cinema. But it is now, due to Mr Burton.

Who is movie director? The one who creates movies that we like. Not alone, of course. With help of producers, costume designers, sound mixers, camera men, actors and many many more. To be a movie director means that you must be a dreamer, you must be able to break the lines of your comfort zone. To be a movie director means that you must not be afraid to mix things that can not be mixed. As Tim Burton does. To combine death and life, and make it available for children without scaring them- talent.

Lets take a moment and talk about his "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (2005).

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ' (2005)
'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ' (2005)

Well, you should. Johnny Depp, the one who plays 99% of the Burton's movies, appears as a... Well... Not "normal" but not as crazy as he could be. To tell you the truth, at first, I didn't recognize him. I was sitting like: " I know this guy... OH GOD CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!" aka Johnny. In love with him as Wonka.
Word tasty is the best description for this picture. Even the cabbage soup, that was cooked by Charlie's mom (Helena Bonham Carter) looked tasty... And I hate this soup, but it was tasty!!!

This summer we will see "Alice Through The Looking Glass". But Tim goes as a producer, not director.

I think all of us will try not to cry out loud when we hear Alan Rickman's voice...

Tim showed us that death is not scary thing, there is nothing to be afraid of. It may be more colorful than our today's life, who knows? I think Tim Burton knows for sure. One of a kind- Tim Burton.


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