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Comic book movies are the most popular genre at the moment, outshining literally everything else in most people's eyes. Close to all of them rake in big bucks and rarely are they bad/terrible (with a few exceptions). With all this being said though, they are not perfect in fact some are far from it. Here are 5 things that comic book movies could do to become even better.

1. Hire more imaginative and risky directors

When Edgar Wright was attached to direct Antman I rejoiced, his unique style and direction would make for something really different and would stand out. Sadly, all these dreams were crushed when he exited the project being replaced by company robot, Peyton Reed. Don't get me wrong, Reed seems like a nice guy, but he lacks any original style. This is why studios have to hire more imaginative and risky directors, in order to stop all of them looking the same and to add something creative and different to the movie. If you want my thoughts on who these directors should be, click here.

2. More Diversity

I'm not just talking race here. We need to see more LGBT in films. More females in films. More people of different color in the films. We need more diversity. The world is changing and these films need to change with it. With the original wave of Marvel heroes contracts about to run out, now is the perfect time to introduce the next wave of characters, but hopefully this time with a little ethnicity and range. We already got a set closer with Black Panther and Scarlet Witch. Now it's time to make the final leap.

3. Change up the format

While comic book movies have only been really popular in the past 5 or so years audiences and fans are already bored with the origin story. While films like Deadpool try and change it up, inter splicing it with the real action it still comes off as an origin story. A hero that has already been established and has his/her powers would be more than fine, and it would be rather refreshing for the audience.

4. A hero is only as good as their villain!

A hero is only as good as his villain. So why do we continue to get once off, crappy villains? The majority of the villains we have seen have been lacking any character and interesting motives. Ultron, for example, while he looked incredibly cool, he had nothing interesting about him and was killed off by the end of the movie. Hopefully we start to see some really interesting villains with depth in the upcoming movies.

5. Understand what the audience wants

While I cannot speak for the audiences (obviously) there a few things that fans have been begging for for since the beginning. We want blue and red Superman, not black and white. We would much rather funny 80's X-Men than gritty X-Men. If the films begin to understand what we the audience wants, they can start making them even better.


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