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Arrow has seen some changes this season, from names to new villains but the biggest and probably most asked question is who is in the grave.

So at the start of season 4 people started by saying it must be Felicity Smoak or John Diggle, but episode 10 pretty much gave away that it is not Felicity. So let's get straight into my top 3 theories.


I know this is one of the ones you probably think yeah or nah but when you look at the show from this perspective you might just get what I'm saying. So captain lance and Oliver's relationship is always up and down but at this point its up, but i don't think his as close to Oliver as the next two characters.

2. John Diggle

He has been Oliver's best friend through thick and thin, although they had that setback from the end of season 3 but I won't get into detail about that. I think we all should probably know Diggle would take a bullet for Oliver, but would he literally do it???? maybe, maybe not but I think if it were to happen it would really hit the team hard especially Oliver.

1. Thea Queen

Yes we all have our own opinion and all this might sound crazy but hear me out. She is Oliver's sister and i think unlike Diggle, Barry doesn't really know Thea and this is why he missed her funeral. The amount of anger that Oliver would have might just be enough as to him killing Damien Darhk but due to the circumstances of the last episode I don't think we need to worry about him any more.

So do you agree, if not then tell me your theories below !!!!

Arrow season 4 returns to screens March 23rd, 2016 on the CW.


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