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Kayne West could perhaps do with being a little more cautious when sharing his desktop screenshot after a recent embarrassing revelation.

When tweeting a picture of Sufjan Stevens’s 'Death With Dignity' on YouTube, West revealed an open tab which linked to the popular piracy website, The Pirate Bay.

Of course, for any musician or artist to link to the site would be controversial, but West has firsthand experience of the impact torrenting can have; his latest album, The Life of Pablo, was estimated to have been downloaded 500,000 times online.

Ironically, West was even considering legal action against the site following the scale of users who were illegally downloading his new album. Of course, the self proclaimed "greatest living musician" could of, um, been doing "research."

Although Some Twitter Users Certainly Don't Believe That Scenario:

And Even Famous Record Producer, Deadmau5, Had Something To Say

Serum is a synthesizer that costs around $200 to purchase. Still, I suppose that is a lot for a guy who is $53 million in debt.

Have you listened to 'Life of Pablo'?


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