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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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In my horror rounds I stumbled upon a cool article at Blumhouse, which talks about an old interview Halloween franchise writer Dan Farrands gave to Icons of Fright. In this fascinating chat, Farrands mentioned one - sadly abandoned - idea that could have happened in the Halloween series: we nearly saw Christopher Lee appear as an evil counterpart to Michael's long-suffering Doctor Loomis!

Farrands says:

“My idea was always to end the movie with this incredible battle for Michael Myers’ soul between the good doctor and the evil doctor and that was really what it was building to in the script. I had written the part of Dr. Wynn with the idea of casting a serious equal for Donald. I had begged the producers to offer it to the actor I had in mind as I was writing … I actually wrote the part for Christopher Lee. This is perfect because you have two amazing horror character actor veterans. Two giants in one movie.

Can you imagine him being revealed as the man in black? He had the right persona and the right build. And those gaunt, glacial features. He was just the perfect person to play off of Donald. Imagine seeing those two on film together… in what turned out to be Donald’s final screen performance? It would’ve been insane. For horror film lovers and all the way back to the Hammer films. All those amazing films that they had both done. It would have elevated this movie to a place where no Halloween film had gone before.”

Of course, Donald Pleasance did a fantastic job as Dr. Loomis in Halloween, but the thought of a horror legend like Christopher Lee featuring in Halloween is just too delicious! Check out the full interview here.

Would Christopher Lee have been awesome in 'Halloween'?

Source: Icons of Fright, Blumhouse, Tumblr


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