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Do you want fries with your virtual reality headset? McDonald's is gearing up to enter the VR race this week, as the global fast food chain prepares to launch what the company has coined Happy Goggles.

The Happy Goggles headset will sell for a limited time in McDonald's outlets across Sweden. The company has said this is "the first trial run," and McDonald’s future in VR will be determined by the user feedback it receives.

The units will sell as part of the Happy Meal range; the idea is that the headset will replace the usual toy included with the meal. That is one heck of a toy — in my day the best we got was a windup walking packet of chips!

The company has stated that the Happy Goggles will be distributed to 14 separate McDonald's restaurants in Sweden between the weekends of March 5 and March 12. It aims to sell around 3,500 units over that period. And the kicker? These bad boys will be selling for just $4.10 each.

The headset is actually made up of part of the Happy Meal box; it works alongside a smartphone in a similar way to a Google Cardboard product.

McDonald’s has chosen these dates specifically to target Sportlov — a school break in Sweden created to encourage families to utilize the local ski resorts. Very clever, I’d say — great for parents who want to keep the kids quiet on a long cross-country road trip.

Happy Goggles will be sold along with a skiing game designed by Stockholm's North Kingdom. McDonald's headset may not be as good as the big boys on the market, but it sure is the perfect way to get kids into technology, specifically VR, long considered the future of the industry.

Do you want McDonald's to release Happy Goggles in your area? Let us know.


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