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On June 15, 2015, Sony dropped a bombshell in the E3 conference hall when they announced the revival of a gaming franchise that was last seen on the disastrous SEGA Dreamcast. Fans lost their proverbial shit. Shenmue 3 was revealed alongside a Kickstarter campaign that asked fans to show if the demand really was there. It most certainly was.

Shenmue 3 set the Guinness record for the fastest game to reach $1 million, past the funding goal of $2 million in just 8 and a half hours, set the record for video games on Kickstarter, and became the 6th most funded project on Kickstarter, collecting $6.33 million. Insane. Now we finally get a chance to see where all that money went - it's beautiful.

Shenmue 3 Revealed In Beautiful Screenshots

Yu Suzuki and his studio Ys Net revealed these screenshots off the back of a presentation at the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences - or MAGIC. Magic is probably a perfect description for these screenshots, especially for fans who have been dying for a sequel to 2001's Shenmue 2.

The images show off the remarkable starting area for the game, Bailu Village, which is beautifully rendered in Unreal Engine 4. This engine has such a famous style and visual appeal, and studio Ys Net have done a beautiful job of making the most of it.

Though the Shenmue games were graphical spectacles upon their release, we all know that these games were famous for their NPCs and the fantastic conversations we could have with the tons of people scattered throughout various towns and villages. We haven't been shown any of that just yet, but we're sure that Suzuki is hard at work replicating the same sense of density and satisfaction that fans are familiar with. Just look at that attention to detail!

It's a small beginning, but an impressive start for a game that's due to receive its release date for the PS4 in December of 2017. If you want to check out some more of the game, you can watch the video we have below - Shenmue Dojo have handily compiled some of the videos that the devs showed off to eager fans.

If you're excited for the release date of Shenmue 3 and are hopeful that the game will impress us all, then let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you.


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