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The aesthetically pleasing Of Kings and Prophets is shaping up to be filled to the brim with sex and violence, in some ways making it like a Bible adaptation of Game of Thrones.

Based upon the Biblical Books of Samuel, the series follows the story of the political complexities of the King of Israel (Ray Winstone) in his reign around 11th Century BCE.

Offerings Of Blood

The shows producers have claimed they want to "push the envelope as far as they can", and if the below sneak peak at the first episode are anything to go by, they're certainly backing up that claim:

The opening episode, "Offerings of Blood", will center around King Saul's attempts to quell his rivalry with the Philistines by marrying off his daughter in a strategic partnership.

Although originally set for release in late 2015, some creative rejigging pushed back the first episode.

The season premiere will air on ABC on March 8th.

Will you be watching of Kings and Prophets?

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