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Now, were we living in Gotham City, the following article would likely be a speculative piece about exactly just which one of Batman's rogue's gallery had pulled off the heist detailed below - or, perhaps, would wonder whether one of the world's countless other super-villains was responsible for the crime.

We are, however - most likely thankfully - not living in the DC universe, and super-villains don't actually exist (for the most part, at any rate). That, though, doesn't stop your common, garden-variety criminal from committing heinous, victim-filled crimes, of course. For instance:

Someone Just Stole a Specially Commissioned Piece of Batman Artwork

Specifically, that one, just above. Created by acclaimed artist Bill Sienkiewicz (whose acclaimed work for DC and Marvel includes Batman, Moon Knight, The New Mutants and Elektra: Assassin) on commission for a fan, the piece was stolen en route to delivery in France.

Which Sienkiewicz took about as well as the rest of us likely would in the circumstances:

And y'know what? That actually seems like a pretty restrained response, considering Sienkiewicz likely spent days of work on that there image. Yet more proof, if proof were needed, that theft almost always has a victim...

The big question now, though?


Who most likely stole the painting?

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