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Star Wars 8 is coming out on December 2018 (I can feel a disturbance in the force) but I do sure as hell want to know the title.

New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi, The Force Awakens. Titles you can say at a a flick of a finger, cause they're so damn iconic. And Episode 8 needs to have a great title. Let's speculate!

(Note: This is a short post, i'l post an analysis post on Episode VII later, and i want to keep this short)

1. Order Of The Sith

Now, this is the title i used on my Episode VIII fan fic/speculation but it's damn good title and let me explain.

The Empire Strikes Back had the villains win, so if Episode VII has the same ending (hopefully not) and this title would mean the big rise of the sith by The First Order.

2. The First Order Strikes Back

Ha, this is just trolling, but what if it is the official title?

3. Tale Of The Jedi Temple

Now, this is not a speculation, as news were circling the internet, that it's called the above.

Here's the image:


That was a short post, but i am posting a longer one tonight or tomorrow, but how do you think Episode 8 will be called?


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