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According to Empire Online, Detroit police officer, and star of the Beverly Hill Cop movies, Gilbert "Gil" Hill has died aged 84.

Hill, whose only acting credit was as Axel Foley's stern superior Inspector Todd in Beverly Hills Cop I, II and III, spent most of his life developing a respected career in law enforcement.

He joined the Detroit Police Department in 1959 and quickly established himself as one of the preeminent homicide detectives in the US, gaining a position in the "super cop" team developed to investigate the Atlanta Child Murders in 1979. Regarding his chosen vocation, Hill once stated:

"I loved being a detective. I was good at it. At one time I would have rated myself among any of the best homicide detectives in the world."

Following his retirement from the police, Hill moved into politics, being elected as the Detroit City Council president in 1997.

Most movie fans around the world will remember Hill as Inspector Todd, the only character — other than Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley and Judge Reinhold's Detective Billy Rosewood — to appear in all three of the Beverly Hills Cop movies. Hill later stated he was mostly playing himself, although he admitted he didn't curse quite as much as his on-screen persona.

Watch an expletive laden scene featuring Hill below:

He was cast in the series after originally being assigned to Beverly Hills Cop director Martin Brest as an advisor. Brest was so impressed with Hill's presence and knowledge that he instead decided to cast him in the role of Todd, with subsequent Beverly Hills Cop sequel directors Tony Scott and John Landis following suit. His character was killed off in Beverly Hills Cop III at his own request.

Hill had been suffering from respiratory issues for the last two years, and died yesterday in Sinai-Grace Hospital, Detroit, as a result of complications resulting from pneumonia. He is survived by three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


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