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If we don't write about Leo DiCaprio this week then when else will we have the opportunity to write about such a history making moment? With Leo finally receiving his well deserved Oscar award, accompanied with an equally amazing speech I cannot help notice that, with all the great moments come a couple of bad ones. It is officially the end of all the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Memes which have made our lives on social media just so very interesting. So this is my eulogy to some of the finest oscar memes ever to hit the internet.

1) The Rare Photo

Ah yes! The ever elusive Oscar! Above, prior to this week, you can see one of the rarest pictures ever to surface across the world wide web- Leo holding an Oscar! Sadly I don't think Oscar Isaac was the Oscar Leo was hoping for.

2) That Face!

That face! Poor Leo looks like he really needs a hug (and a couple of Oscar shaped chocolates). The way he's playing with his hands just screams nervousness and disappointment ... poor guy! I wish we could just give him a virtual hug.

3) So Close..

Oh so close! I think after being nominated 6 times the expression 'so close yet so far' is a bit of an understatement. If Leo hadn't won the Oscar this year, I'd think the Oscar committee might actually enjoy tormenting the poor guy.

4) The Bear Necessities

A meme that has surfaced due to the The Revenant's success and with no other leading actors in the film to compete with Leo, fans decided to create the scenario that the Oscar for best actor, being destined to forever elude DiCaprio, would go to the only other leading actor- the bear!


We all know about the very eccentric, but well loved, character of Mr. Turner in Fairy Oddparents and just as Timmy's dad lacked his trophy, Leo was significantly lacking in the Oscar department.

6) What Nightmares Are Made Of

I can't help but look at this picture and not be reminded of the weeping angels from Doctor Who. Those silent assassins were already scary enough, but clad in gold and looking bizzarly like Oscars? These truly must be DiCaprio's worst nightmare.

7) That's Impressive

Who ever created this must have head a lot and a lot of patience. The image above of a weeping Leo was created by thousands of tiny pictures Oscar winning celebrities. I think this goes under the category of cruel and unusual punishment, don't you think?

8) Not Again!

I can totally imagine this being the face of someone who was forcefully removed from some stage. They took that award right out of his grasp, no wonder he looked mad!

9) Hello From The Other Side

inspired by Adele's latest hit 'Hello', after 23 years apart, Leo and Oscar were in need of a good, well applauded, meeting, don't you think?

10) Mean Celebs

Although I can't really imagine Anne Hathaway as the Mean Girl kind of person, all that laughter, merriment and Oscars? Were they trying to rub it in his nose?

So there you have it! 10 of the greatest Leonardo Memes ever to hit the internet. And although they will be forever missed I cannot help but celebrate with the rest of the world for Leo's great success! Congratulations Leo, it was well deserved!


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