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David Marmolejo

The Iron Giant. One of my top 5 childhood heroes, this character came to life in 1999 with not a huge success in theater it was, and still is a cult classic about a robot that crash lands near our fellow hero Hogarth, and a bond soon ensues in a fantastic journey of friendship, misguidance, and heartwarming treasures. I did not know Vin Diesel voiced the Iron Giant himself, how awesome is that! Hogarth teaches The Giant that you can be whatever you want to be as long as you are good. You can be superman, and he basically does just that, in a such a heartbreaking ending, turn plot twist tear-jerker. Brad Bird did a wonderful job on this movie, absolutely terrific, just ahead of its time when it was released because it is such a loved hero, and I really wish the Blu Ray Signature Edition would finally come out!


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