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This year's Academy Awards ceremony was focused around racial discrimination, but Patricia Arquette was there to remind us that gender discrimination is also still a prominent problem in America.

You may remember Arquette's gender equality Oscars speech from last year's ceremony, and she was back in full force this year to keep the fight for equality alive. In a red carpet interview with POPSUGAR, Arquette acknowledged that there were ramifications from that acceptance speech.

"I have lost a couple jobs, but I'm okay with that...I thought, 'I don't care.' There are 33 million women and kids living in poverty and I'm going to open my mouth."

Arquette expanded a little on how she lost jobs due to her speech in a Twitter video:

This Twitter video was from a pre-Oscar Q&A session that Arquette held with her good friend Kamala Lopez in order to promote their petition aimed at ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Kamala Lopez is the force behind a documentary currently in the making titled Equal Means Equal, a film showing "an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today." Here is the official trailer:

In Arquette's own words, "It is horrible that we're still having this conversation in 2016."

To find out more about Equal Means Equal, head over to the official website at

To learn more about the Equal Rights Amendment and the petition to ratify it, check out


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